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GW Papers IV Dragoon Index

The writings of George Washington

The writings of George Washington from the original manuscript sources at the Electronic Text Center, University of Virginia Library contains all 39 volumes of the printed text. The two electronic index volumes XXXVIII & XXXIX contain the page number reference which we use to cite our findings in the index of names of 4th Dragoon Officers in the GW Papers. The page number links in the table below link to the electronic text image of the document at the University of Virginia. The Date links in the table link to the Varick Transcripts of the documents at the Library of Congress. It was our intent to have the transcript links set in the document where the aide is credited with the transcript. The use of the electronic images precludes that option unless a link could be established from the University of Virginia Library text and the transcript image at The Library of Congress.

GW Papers Index




Vol Pagemm/dd/yyTo/From*fnote#Title*/Subject/footnote#nnNamed / Location / Notes
----------09/01/76------------------Index to Vol 5---------------------------
V05P10506/07/76General OrdersStephen MoylanAppointed Quarter Master
V05P21407/03/76to CongressElizabeth Light HorseDrive stock off Staten Island
V05P24507/09/76General OrdersDeclaration of IndependenceRead to Troops at New York
V05P28607/16/76Col Thomas SeymourDismissal of theConnecticut Light Horse
V05P32007/22/76To CongressReminder toRaise a troop of light horse
----------09/01/76------------------Index to Vol 6---------------------------
V06P08009/28/76General OrdersStephen MoylanResigns as QMG
V06P27012/16/76Col SheldonCommission ForConnecticut LD Regt
V06P32612/30/76Col BlandVirginia LDsMarching north
V06P34701/19/77LtCol BaylorCommand of LD RegtMajor Alexander Clough
----------01/13/77------------------Index to Vol 7---------------------------
V07P01701/17/77Col BaylorLD Officer Appointments*GW Recommendation
V07P03701/19/77Col Joseph ReedMorris County Light Horse*Anthony Walton White 3NJ
V07P05001/23/77General OrdersPhiladelphia Light HorseCapt Samuel Morris
V07P05101/22/77CongressCommand of Horse to ReedMoylan, Baylor, Sheldon
V07P13502/11/77Gov Trumbull$33,3333.33 to Col Sheldonfor Connecticut 2LD
V07P13602/11/77Mass Council3000 Light Dragoonslevied but not raised
V07P15402/15/77Col BaylorLD Officer Appointments*GW cousins
V07P19002/23/77Joseph ReedCommand of Dragoons*Col Griffin offered post
V07P21403/01/77Col BaylorCarbines & PistolsStith & Armistead
V07P30903/20/77LtC WhiteAppointment to LDPrivate Letter
V07P32103/27/77Gen WeedonCapt William Washingtonpromoted to Major 4LD
V07P32303/28/77Capt McLaneGather Intelligenceabout Cornwallis
V07P32303/28/77Col BaylorEquipping 3LDCornet John Stith
V07P41904/17/77*List of OfficersOfficer Appointments*Baylor, Moylan, Sheldon
V07P42004/17/77James MeaseUniforms* 4LD Red CoatsPossible mistakes
V07P45904/30/77Col Spotswood3LD troop detached toCommander in Chief's Guard
----------05/01/77------------------Index to Vol 8---------------------------
V08P03005/09/77James MeaseClothing for troopsPS. Red Coats to be dyed
V08P03405/10/77CongressDragoons forGen Gates
V08P05305/12/77Col MoylanDanger of Red Coats*Change the coat color
V08P05505/12/77James MeaseRed CoatsMoylan's 4LD
V08P09805/20/77James MeaseFrocks to cover Red CoatsMoylan
V08P10805/23/77Col Baylor3LD Chaplainrequirements & pay
V08P12005/24/77Col Sheldon2LD to PeekskillGen Putnam
V08P12105/24/77Col MoylanReed to be General of Horsefootnote from previous
V08P13605/29/77Gen Sullivan4LD men from Philadelphianot for special purposes
V08P16306/01/77Gen SullivanEnemy Horse in GreenBarber & Horse to Somerset
V08P12406/09/77Col Sheldon2LD ordered to HQto relieve the Virginia Horse
V08P18006/11/77LtCol ArmandTake command ofMajor Ottendorf's Corps
V08P24006/13/77CongressDragoon Officer HorsesSupplied by the Public
V08P25406/16/77Gen SchuylerAlbany LD Troopto be raised locally
V08P26206/17/77Col Sheldon2LD to HQ at Middle Brook1 Troop with Gen Putnam
V08P27206/20/77Board of WarSpears for LDs 
V08P30306/27/77General OrdersDetermine LD COs RankReturns of Battle Actions
V08P30406/27/77Col MalcomLt Hallet of Malcom'sFootnote #32
V08P30506/27/77LtC Aaron BurrCommission inCol Malcom's Regt
V08P43707/19/77Col DaytonEncl of orders toCol Moylan
V08P44507/20/77James MeaseLDs intitled to 1 suitof Uniform annually
V08P44607/21/77General Orders900 men and 12 LDsunder Gen Maxwell
V08P44707/22/77BrGen FormanMovements of British Fleet*via Moylan at S Amboy
V08P44707/22/77Gen SchuylerPosted at Moses Creek *87Kosciuszko
V08P46707/24/77Col Sheldon2LD to Gen Washington1 troop to Gen Putnam
V08P47707/25/77Col Moylan4LD repair toPhiladelphia
V08P47907/26/77Col MoylanStop at Trentonor proceed to Bristol
V08P48007/26/77Col BlandStop at Trentonor proceed to Bristol
V08P48807/27/77Congress3 & 4LD were atBound Brook
----------08/01/77------------------Index to Vol 9---------------------------
V09P02408/05/77Col BaylorWarrant for $20,000to Compleat 3LD
V09P03608/08/77General OrdersCol Moylan (4LD)Search for stragglers
V09P06808/15/774LD LieutenentsRank and pay of Lts Bird,Dorsey, Craig, Moore & Gray
V09P08108/17/774LD LieutenentsResignations* of BirdDorsey, Craig, Moore & Gray
V09P09908/19/77General OrdersCourt Martial4LD Deserters to infantry
V09P10008/19/77General OrdersCourt Martial4LD Deserters (continued)
V09P11208/21/77CongressFranklin's LetterFavoring Count Pulaski
V09P11408/21/77General Orders4LD with Gen Wayne2LD with Stirling
V09P11808/22/77Board Of WarBaylor / Gen NashNorth Carolina Horse
V09P11908/22/77General OrdersLtCol White presidentof Court Martial
V09P12508/23/77General OrdersMarch to Philadelphia1&3LD right; 2&4LD left
V09P13108/25/77Col BaylorBring 3LD to HQat Wilmington
V09P13308/25/77CongressGW with Light Horseto Wilmington
V09P13408/25/77Court MartialCapt Henry Lee acquittedLtCol White President
V09P14308/28/77CongressGW ReccomendsPulaski CO Cavalry
V09P14508/28/77General Orders2LD to Gen Greeneat White Clay Creek
V09P15609/01/77LtCol WhiteDesertion of4LD Trooper
V09P16209/02/77Gen MaxwellArmands CorpsViolence at Elk
V09P16609/02/77Col ArmandCorps recalled to HQComplaints from Elk
V09P20509/11/77Col Baylor (3LD)British Movement*above Chad's Ford
V09P21409/13/77Col Moylan (4LD)Remove military storesfrom French Creek
MOY06109/13/77Col MoylanGuard the Schuylkill fordsfootnote of previous
V09P22509/14/77General OrdersLDs reform with army#24 from Toner Transcripts
V09P28809/30/77Comte Pulaski4LD detachmentin Red Coats
V09P30410/03/77General OrdersCourt Martial of Von HeerFleury to LD Brigade Major
V09P40410/19/77Court MartialBlands orders to LtCol ByrdMoylan Pres of Court
V09P43210/25/77LD CommandersImpressing HorsesBranding Horses
V09P47210/31/77Court MartialMoylan acquittedof striking Zielinski
V09P47510/31/77Gen James PotterDismantle MillsPS. Capt Lee to assist *
----------11/04/77------------------Index to Vol 10---------------------------
V10P03211/09/77General OrdersCaptured British LDsby Capt Craig & Lee
V10P13812/04/77Order of Battle1 & 3LD on right2 & 4LD on left
V10P22812/30/77Gen StirlingHorse purchased byMoylan for GW
V10P23012/30/77LD OfficersProcurement of clothingand Accoutrements
V10P23412/31/77PulaskiCavalry Drills*/ LancemenWinter at Trenton
V10P25601/02/78Capt David HopkinsDragoon AccoutermentsMajor Blackden
V10P25701/02/78Gen HeathDragoon Accouterments*Capt Hopkins
V10P30501/14/78PulaskiCavalry Horses*Bedkin / Kowatz
V10P30501/26/78PulaskiLancemen, CatonmentCapt Craig
V10P36801/29/78CongressCavalry OrganizationCavalry Horses* Moylan
V10P41902/04/78PulaskiSheep skin Saddle pattern*Capt Craig
V10P45702/14/78PulaskiCalvary Equipment*Zelienski
----------03/01/78------------------Index to Vol 11---------------------------
V11P00603/01/78Count PulaskiOfficer SeniorityAssist Gen Wayne
V11P01303/02/78Gen WayneGen Pulaski to assistwith Cavalry from Trenton
V11P02003/03/78Count PulaskiMarching to Gen Waynewith Bland's 3LD
V11P02103/03/78Count PulaskiMonsieur de Pontieresbrevet Capt in Cavalry
V11P02203/04/78Col BaylorPurchase Horses & saddlesCol Bland
V11P02803/05/78Col BlandCol BaylorPurchase Horses in Virginia
V11P03703/07/78Major JamesonAssist Col BaylorLtCol Temple in Virginia
V11P05803/10/78Maj TallmadgeProcurement of HorsesCol Sheldon
V11P07903/14/78Gov LivingstonMorris County Light HorseCapt Arnold
V11P08103/14/78CongressPulaski ResignsPulaski's Corps*
V11P08603/15/78Gen WayneReport to HQLt Peyton of Lee's
V11P09803/17/78General OrdersCommander in Chief's Guard#51 The Model Corps
V11P11403/20/78Gen LaceyTake Quaker horsesfor the Light Dragoons
V11P11303/20/78Col MoylanPulaski ResignedCol Moylan Commands
V11P11403/20/78COs 1 2 & 3LDPulaski ResignedCol Moylan Commands
V11P14703/25/78Col MoylanCavalry Winter Quarters*Near Mt Holly
V11P14803/25/78Col ArmandNew Corps not AuthorizedMarquis LaFayette
V11P14903/25/78Gov LivingstonCavalry Winter Quarters*Col Moylan
V11P16803/28/78LtCol Temple1LD RecruitsReturn to take command
V11P19804/01/78Capt Henry LeeRemain in Cavalryinstead of ADC Post
V11P20304/03/78Col MoylanDragoon Escort*Mr Bankston
V11P21304/04/78Major JamesonReturn to HQLtC Temple to remain in Virginia
V11P23004/09/78Col MoylanPulaski's draughts2LD Serjeant
V11P23004/09/78CongressOfficer Appointmentsin Pulaski's Corps
V11P24404/11/78Col MoylanA Rank Difficulty*Lt Craig
V11P25104/12/78Major Henry LeePromotion of *Lt Lindsay & Cornet Peyton
V11P25904/14/78CO 2LDReprimand forNeglect of the Horses
V11P27504/25/78Col Bland1LD RecruitingMaj Jameson & LtC Temple
V11P30504/25/78Thomas TurnerPresent of Pistols*via Capt Fauntleroy
V11P32204/29/78Col MoylanLack of Arms*Col Baylor & Bland
V11P33705/01/78Count PulaskiEnlistment of Prisoners*Horse men must be natives
V11P33905/01/78Col BaylorDragoon Cornets*Peregrine Fitzhugh
V11P34005/01/78Col BaylorProcuring HorsesLtCol Temple
V11P34305/02/78Court MartialTimothy Flood acquittedof Capt Craig's Troop 4LD
V11P34505/03/78Col BaylorUnauthorized AppointmentsPeregrine Fitzhugh
V11P38505/13/78To GWCol Moylan Sends aSpy into Philadelphia
V11P38405/13/78Col MoylanMajor Clough commendedCarbines available
V11P38505/13/78Major TallmadgeCondition of Horses*Col Moylan
V11P39405/15/78Col BaylorPurchasing HorsesRecruit bounties
V11P39605/16/78James MeaseCondition of Dragoonsfootnote #61 MOYP71
MOY07105/17/78Col MoylanDetachment to Whitemarshfootnote #93 below
V11P42005/18/78LaFayetteDetachment at Whitemarsh#93 50 LDs to join
V11P44105/23/78Genral OrdersGen Lee Division COWooden flints for Drill
V11P44605/24/78Col MoylanBring horse into camp2LD to remain at Chatham
V11P46905/28/78Col MoylanStay near TrentonCheck Gen Greene's horses
V11P47805/29/78Col Sheldon2LD to North RiverGen Gates
----------06/01/78------------------Index to Vol 12---------------------------
V12P00206/01/78Gen SmallwoodPhiladelphia ReconnaisanceCapt Allen Mclane
V12P00206/01/78Col Moylan4LD Reduced to 120Major Clough
V12P00306/01/78Major Clough3LD detachment see ifPhiladelphia evacuated
V12P00306/03/78Major CloughSpies and actions ofCapt Allen Mclane
V12P03006/06/78Col Baylor40 Men & 50 Horseshave not arrived as yet
V12P08006/18/78Col MoylanCavalry to HQ 
V12P09606/20/78Gen DickinsonLtC White remain with *Moylan
V12P10806/22/78Gen DickinsonMoylan with all horse to *Gen Morgan to join
V12P11306/24/78Gen DickinsonWhite's detachment toGen Scott
V12P11406/24/78Gen Scottto AllentownLtC White to join *
V12P15207/03/78Col BlandCapt Cosmo de MediciNorth Carolina Light Horse
V12P16207/07/78Col MoylanCavalry to North RiverGen Heath
V12P19207/19/78Gen GatesHorse drive off Cattlebetween * & the Bridge #68
V12P19207/19/78Col Van Schaick#68 Capt Hopkins 4LDStop supplies to NYC
V12P20407/22/78Col BlandOutfitting Recruits*LtCol Temple
V12P22807/25/78Col MoylanForage about HakensackMajor Washington
V12P25807/27/78Capt Von HeerReturn to HQfrom procuring clothing
V12P26707/30/78General OrdersDragoon PiquetsCol Moylan
V12P26807/30/78Col MoylanReturn some milk cowstaken from inhabitants
V12P28808/03/78Col BaylorReport to HQBring Lt Walker Baylor
V12P28908/03/78Col BlandReport to HQsee previous
V12P29008/03/78CongressHead Of CavalryArival of Count Pulaski 08/04
V12P29008/07/78General OrdersRank of DragoonField Officers
V12P47009/19/78Board of WarPulaski's CorpsClothing for LDs
V12P47009/19/78Count PulaskiJoin Army at FredrickburgGen Maxwell
V12P47409/21/78Gen ScottDragoon dispatchesGen Putnam
V12P47809/22/78Col BaylorWatch the North Riverfor British Transports
V12P49909/25/78Maj TallmadgeCondition of Cavalry*Clothing for Cavalry
V12P49909/25/78Capt StoddardSiezure of goods2LD
V12P52209/29/78Council of WarGen Scott w/400 CavalryPulaski Corps in NJ
V12P52909/30/78Gen WoodfordDr David Griffith assistCol Baylor Maj Clough 3LD
V12P53009/30/78Gen Scott4LD to Continental VillageSheldon
----------10/01/78------------------Index to Vol 13---------------------------
V13P00110/01/78Capt John Stith3LD to Springfield NJMr. Caldwell DQM
V13P02510/04/78Gen StirlingMajor Washingtonw/4LD to *
V13P04510/08/78Gen Scott 2 / 4 LD Patrolcaptured on Clap Tavern Road
V13P08210/15/78Gen MuhlenbergOfficer FurloughsLt Thomas Overton 9VA
V13P11510/22/78Gen StirlingGather IntelligenceLees LD Det to return
V13P17911/05/78Col BlandConvention TroopsMaj Washington to 3LD
V13P20811/06/78Col Bland#7 Command of ConventionPrisoners in Virginia
V13P28411/19/78Gen Stirling4LD Winter Quartersat Lancaster
V13P35111/27/78CongressWinter Quarters*Lancaster / Moylan
V13P35611/29/78Col Bland4LD Det to escortConvention troops
V13P35611/29/78Gen Stirling4LD Det toSherard's ferry
V13P35711/29/78Henry LeeA Civil Arrest*Lt Carnes
V13P35911/30/78LtC Washington3LD to Fredericktown4LD Det to Sherard's Ferry
V13P37112/06/78LtC WhiteTo Winter QuartersDeserters
V13P39712/15/78Gen GreeneLocation of Cavalry*4LD at Lancaster
----------01/12/79------------------Index to Vol 14---------------------------
V14P02401/19/79PulaskiLegion Cavalryto Wilmington
V14P02601/19/79Caesar RodneyPulaski's Cavalryto Kent & Sussex
V14P03501/21/79Col ArmandCombining Armandsand Pulaski's Corps
V14P04901/27/79CongressEncl Capt Stoddard 2LDPermission to go to France
V14P06401/xx/79CongressMilitary Arrangemets*Pulaski & Armands Corps
V14P06602/01/79LtC WhiteDetachment to BaltimoreCapt Hopkinks
V14P06602/01/79Capt HopkinsTroop to Baltimore#83 of previous
V14P07802/08/79PulaskiLegion to the SouthCapt Schott to remain
V14P08602/09/79Gen McDougallNorthern CommandTroop of Armand's to join*
V14P08802/09/79LtC WashingtonCornet Baylor nixedwaiting for Capt Smith
V14P09202/10/79LtC WhiteForage ProblemTroop to Baltimore
V14P10002/11/79Court MartialCapt Von HeerExacting money from Sutlers
V14P10502/17/79Capt LewisCensure for absencefrom 1LD for 15 months
V14P15102/26/79Baron SteubenGW's 1st comments onSteubens Regulations
V14P13302/17/79LtCol WhiteTransport GW Papersfrom Yorktown
V14P13302/18/79General OrdersLt Gill from 2VALt Coke(Cocke)
V14P21303/09/79Major Henry Leepromotion ofCornet Henry Archer
V14P22803/11/79Baron SteubenGW's 2nd comments onSteubens Regulations
V14P26503/20/79Board of WarLtCol Anthony Walton WhiteNot to enlist new recruits
V14P29303/25/79LtC WhiteRequest for Returnsfootnote on this page
V14P30203/27/79Lt MooreGW Accepted Resignationfootnote - see V09P081
V14P30303/28/79Thomas Burke1LD or 3LD to SouthBaylor & Bland
V14P32404/01/79Court MartialLudwich Wolfe, MLDattempting to desert
V14P32804/02/79CongressStatus ReportDeficiency of Cavalry
V14P33104/04/79Board of WarBlunderbussesBland
V14P36304/10/79William FitzhughLt Perigrine Fitzhugh#54 son of William
V14P37304/13/79Board Of WarCapt Von HeerProper horses for MLD
V14P42404/22/79Court Martial4LD men CommitingSundry Robberies
----------05/06/79------------------Index to Vol 15---------------------------
V15P01605/07/79Col SpencerCommissionLt Hallet to 4LD
V15P12105/21/79LtC Washington3LD to South #2505/07/79 Resolve of Congress
V15P12105/21/79Col Blandto remain at Charlotte Villefootnote of previous
V15P12705/22/79Board of WarBaron WoolfenOfficer in Von Heer's Corps
V15P12705/22/79Board of WarResolve for 1&3LD to SouthBland & LtC Washington
V15P17705/31/79Col Sheldon2LD to the North RiverUnder Gen McDougal
V15P21106/01/79General OrdersFootnote Capt Von HeerBaron Woolfen Discharged
V15P21206/02/79Gen St ClairNCO & 8 MLD to join *PS. 2 express riders to *
V15P22006/03/79Major Henry Leeto PomptonPrepare for Stoney Point
V15P22006/03/79Capt Bedkinto Morristownfootnote of previous
V15P25006/06/79Major Henry Leeto Suffrans (Sufferns Tavern)Preparation for Stoney Point
V15P25006/09/79Capt Allen McLaneto Suffrans near Smiths Clovemeet with Major Lee
V15P25106/09/79Board of WarRemount Baylor's (3LD)New Enlistment Bounties
JCCP72006/12/79CongressMemorial4LD Officers
V15P26006/15/79Major Henry LeeIntelligence aboutStrength of Stoney Point
V15P30006/15/79Major Henry LeeDismouting DragoonsCapt McLane's detachment
V15P32306/26/79Col DeySerjeant Brackitt toDisipline a troop of Horse
V15P32606/27/79Major TallmadgeIntelligence Contacts4LD marching to you
V15P32806/27/79Gov ClintonMoylan & 4LD to join 2LDat Bedford Area
V15P33806/28/79Col MoylanCommand of Bedford AreaArmand's Corps to *
V15P33806/28/79LtCol TempleReport to Gen ScottCol Bland's orders
V15P33806/28/79Col BlandThe Convention TroopsExchange of De Geismer
V15P33906/28/79Maj Henry LeeA Spy for Stony Point* 
V15P34106/30/79Maj Henry LeeCapt Allen McLaneTroops for Stony Point
V15P37307/05/79Gen WayneSteuben's Regulations* 
V15P37307/05/79Col ArmandJoin Moylan atBedford
V15P37407/05/79Major TallmadgeLost Papers & ClothingCol Sheldon
V15P37407/05/79Major Henry LeeWatch for the Enemyat Tappan
V15P38507/08/79LtC WashingtonRemain at Wilmingtonfor recruiting and training
V15P38207/09/79Major Henry LeeMr Thomas SmithExecuting Deserters
V15P39107/09/79CongressA Cavalry Skirmish*Tarleton's raid on Bedford
V15P39407/10/79Gen HeathBritish raid on NorwalkCol Moylan to join *
V15P39907/10/79Major Henry LeePunishment of Deserters*Caution in Punishment
V15P39907/10/79Col MoylanIntelligence dataArmand's Corps to join *
V15P41407/12/79Major Henry Leeengage country people aslookouts along the River
V15P45807/22/79James GearyClothing issueto Cavalry officers
V15P47207/24/79Gen Stirlingto SuffransBedkin's troop to join *
V15P47307/24/79Col MoylanJoin Gen Gloverat Ridgefield
V15P49307/25/79Maj Henry LeeIntelligence NoteSituation at Stony Point
V15P49507/27/79LtCol TempleRank from 03/31/77Use Public Horses
V15P49607/28/79Gen Robert HoweStation atat Pound Ridge
V15P49707/28/79Major Henry LeeReport to HQat West Point
V15P49807/28/79LtCol FleuryCertificate ofService to the US
----------07/29/79------------------Index to Vol 16---------------------------
V16P01507/30/79Gen HeathCapt Hopkins commendedaction at ?
V16P02407/31/79LtC WhiteBridle, Stirrups & SpursPresent to GW
V16P02907/30/79Gen HeathCapt Hopkins intelligencepurchase horses
V16P03408/01/79Col MoylanReturn of Dismounted menfor supplies
V16P05608/06/79Court Martialof Col ArmandCol Vandeburgh
V16P05608/06/79Col MoylanCommendation for actionagainst Emiricks Corps
V16P06608/09/79Gen HeathCol White's (4LD)action at Lower Salem
V16P08508/12/79Col MoylanIntelligence $Mrs Moylan Ill
V16P11308/16/79Congress11th PennaLetter from Capt Hopkins
V16P32809/24/79Enclto Moylan & TallmadgeArmand
V16P32909/24/79Col MoylanReenlistment Bounty*Col Sheldon
V16P38210/01/79Col MoylanReenlistment Bounty $Patrick Bennet
V16P38710/01/79Court MartialCapt Von Heerabusing David Parks
V16P38810/02/79General OrdersUniform RegulationsLD Blue w/white facing
----------10/21/79------------------Index to Vol 17---------------------------
V17P03410/25/79Maj Henery LeeIntelligencefor Count D'Estaing
V17P04410/27/79Gen WayneMorris Town activity3LD with *
V17P07011/04/79John MoylanAssistant Clothier GeneralDelivery of blankets
V17P09411/11/79Dispatchesfor D'Estaing #81Henery Lee
V17P09411/11/79Gen HeathHorses Stolen from 4LDCol Sheldon
V17P09511/11/79Gen HeathArmand commendation#85
V17P11611/17/79Gen GatesWinter Quarters*2 & 4LD, Lees
V17P13511/19/79LtC WashingtonTroops March South*Charleston
V17P14411/20/79Gen HoweMoylan delivers letter 
V17P14611/20/79Gov TrumbullPosition of Troops*Col Moylan, Sheldon
V17P18911/25/79WadsworthWinter CantonmentsLee
V17P19011/25/79General OrdersThanksgivingProclamation from Congress
V17P19911/27/79Col MoylanLetter containingthe following Instructions
V17P20011/27/79Col MoylanInstructions for theCavalry in Winter Quarters
V17P20111/27/79Col SheldonCantonment of CavalryCol Moylan
V17P20211/27/79CongressDisposition of Army4LD & 2LD
V17P21012/01/79General OrderDisposition of Cavalryat Morristown
V17P21112/02/79General OrderDisposition of CavalryLee's to Burlington
V17P21212/02/79LtC WashingtonProceed SouthPhiladelphia / Stith
V17P21212/02/79CongressCavalry for the South*LtC Washington
V17P29112/20/79Col MoylanMove to Colchester
V17P30812/23/79Board of WarDismounted DragoonsCol Armand
V17P31012/24/79General OrdersClothing for CavalryMajor Lee
V17P31812/25/79Col MoylanRequest for Va Return
V17P32112/26/79Thomas JeffersonVirginia Troops*in 4LD
MOYP09301/04/80From Moylan2LD to Colchester/Va ReturnMr Hubbard, Capt Starr
V17P35501/05/80Col MoylanOfficer Commissionsto dtermine promotions
V17P39201/14/80Col MoylanUse of Cavalry* in ConnGov Trumbull
V17P39401/14/80Gov Trumbull4LD to Colchester
MOYP09401/17/80From Col MoylanA Southern Regiment inDurham / Mr Wadsworth
V17P41201/19/80General OrderCompensation for horses
MOYP94b01/22/80From Moylan4LD to ColchesterCapt Pike & Craig to Recruit
V17P55001/27/80CongressArmand's Rank Claim
V17P46001/28/80LtC WhiteCommand of 1LDLtCol Temple to 4LD
V17P48202/03/80Col Moylan4LD at ColchesterCapt Pike & Craig at HQ
V17P48302/03/80Col MoylanLtC White to 1LDTemple, Bull, Fauntleroy
V17P48302/03/80Col SheldonEnlistment Period*Fix the term for the War
V17P49402/05/80General OrdersPickett Guard
V17P49502/05/80General OrderReturns requested*
V17P49602/06/80Board of WarCombine Partisan CorpsBedkin
V17P49702/06/80Col ArmandPartisan Corps*Bedkin
V17P50402/08/80Gen SteubenSize of the Army*
----------02/10/80------------------Index to Vol 18---------------------------
V18P01002/15/80Col MoylanReturn of NCOs & Privatesby enlistment State
V18P01502/16/80Col Moylan4LD Winter Quartersat Colchester
V18P04402/21/80Col MoylanReturn of menof Connecticut
MOYP10002/29/80From Col Moylan4LD in StraitsColchester
V18P10503/08/80Col MoylanCondition of 2 & 4LDColchester
V18P18403/27/80Col MoylanCaps, Leather Breeches &Boots for the Cavalry
V18P19304/01/80LtC Templefrom 1LD to 4LDto replace LtC White
V18P21904/05/80Col MoylanLtC Temple to 4LDMrs Moylan ill
V18P28004/18/80Col MoylanMajor Epaphras Bull to 4LDArms to 2LD & 4LD
V18P28104/18/80Col SheldonCavalry Equipment*Major Epaphras Bull to 4LD
V18P20105/01/80LtC Templefrom 1LD to 4LDDismounted Dragoons
V18P49406/10/80Gen Robert Howe4LD to Springfield2LD to remain with *
V18P50806/11/80Major Henry LeeCommendation forrecent action
----------06/12/80------------------Index to Vol 19-----------------------------
V19P04006/20/80Gen HoweScarcity of Cavalry*divert the Marechasse Corps
V19P05106/20/80Col MoylanIntelligence Gatheringat Kings Ferry
V19P05206/21/80Gen HoweBritish on Staten Island4LD & 2LD needed
V19P05206/23/80Maj Richard ClaiborneRemove stores from Morristown20 horse to impress wagons
V19P09406/29/80Gen Parsonsin Hartfordno militia horse as Dragoons
V19P012007/05/80Gen HeathSpringfield NJ mattersFootnote - Moylan at Little Falls
V19P12007/05/80James McHenryto Col Moylan Drafts of Little Falls Patrol
V19P12007/05/80James McHenryto Col MoylanNote 2 of Little Falls Patrol
MOYP12007/05/80Col MoylanReply to Instructions forPatrol from Little Falls
V19P21607/20/80Gen WayneOrders for Bulls Ferry1&2PA & 4LD
COW03907/20/80Gen WayneDiv Orders for Bulls FerryLtCol Harmer & 4LD
COW03807/20/80Gen Wayne4LD Orders for Bulls FerryCapt Blank
V19P21807/21/80General OrdersTraining GuardsReturn to regts
COW04107/21/80Gen WayneBulls Ferry IntelligenceCapt Pike at Closter
V19P24107/24/80General Orders4LD Captain toAttend Court Martial
V19P26007/26/80CongressRepulse at Bull's Ferry*Gen Wayne
V19P27607/28/80Col MoylanImpress wagonsto move HQ
V19P46608/29/80General OrdersCourt MartialCapt Hopkins, Lt Trent, R. Pitts
V19P47608/30/80General OrdersCourt MartialCapt Peter Manifold
----------09/06/80------------------Index to Vol 20---------------------------
V20P02009/09/80Gen Greenedifficulties putting4LD & Lee's together
V20P25110/09/80General OrdersCol Moylan & 4LD takepost near little falls
V20P18610/15/80General Orders4LD on the rightMLD & Bedkin's on the left
V20P25110/23/80General Orders4LD furnish patrolstake a new position
SPRP12610/26/80from SteubenCavalry Organization 
V20P23611/01/80General OrdersReorg of ArmyLD Legionary Corps
V20P25511/05/80Col ArmandArmand's Partizan Corps3 troops mounted LDs
V20P36111/17/80Col MoylanWorn Out Cavalry Horses*Lancaster Winter Quarters
V20P38111/21/80Col MoylanSecure Hackensack crossingsVon Heers Corps to join you
V20P39511/24/80Col MoylanCancel attempt against NYCYour Company at dinner
V20P41111/27/80Col Sheldon2LD to Colchesterfor Winter Quarters
V20P44112/08/80Col MoylanReturn of menfrom Connecticut
----------12/22/80------------------Index to Vol 21---------------------------
V21P31402/27/81CongressEquip 4LD for SouthCol Lee Georgetown
V21P41703/21/81FauntleroyRemain with 4LDat Lancaster
V21P41404/04/81Gen SteubenHopkins promotionCadwaller Jones
V21P41504/04/81Col MoylanCompletion of Cavalry*Maj Fauntleroy & Bull
V21P41604/04/81Maj Bullfrom 4LD to 1LDMaj Fauntleroy
V21P41704/04/81FauntleroyRemain with 4LDMaj Bull
V21P47004/18/81Gen GreeneWill send 4LD to *
----------04/27/81------------------Index to Vol 22---------------------------
V22P10105/22/81Gov TrumbullMounting and equippinga dragoon corps
V22P11805/25/81LtCol VarickAppointment asRecording Secretary
V22P11905/25/81LtCol VarickInstructions toRecording Secretary
V22P16005/31/81Col SheldonPrepare 2LD for marchvia Major Tallmadge
V22P19205/31/81Col SheldonEquipment for 2LDStable Jackets
V22P14906/01/81Capt Von Heercare and attention troopRemounting MLD
V22P10106/07/81Joseph Reed64 LDs from PennaMore LDs for VA & MD
V22P10106/07/81Caesar Rodney32 Dragoons from DelawareMore LDs for VA & MD
V22P10106/07/81Thomas Sim Lee64 Dragoons from MarylandMore LDs for VA & MD
V22P35207/10/81Joseph JonesStatus of 2LD & MLD4LD witheld from South
MOYP12007/10/81Joseph ReedNew 4LD LieutenantsDefer to LtCol Temple
V22P36207/13/81*InstructionsReconnoiter enemy postsnorth end of York Island
----------08/16/81----------------Index to Vol 23-- The Yorktown Campaign --
V23P14009/26/81General Orders4LD Cpl & 4 menat Williamsburg HQ
V23P19410/06/81LtCol Lewis MorrisDragoon Reinforcementsfor Gen Greene
V23P19810/08/81LtCol Whiteto Richmond4LD Detachment
V23P20010/08/81Col MoylanReequip 4LD mencoming from Head of Elk
V23P20210/08/81Capt John HeardCharges againstLtCol White
V23P21610/13/81Maj Fauntleroyordered South toGen Greene
V23P22010/14/81Gov Nelson1LD ClothingLtCol White at Richmond
V23P26610/25/81Col ArmandMoylan to Command
V23P27010/26/81Col MoylanCaptured Horses to SouthArmand's
V23P30410/31/81Court MartialLtC WhiteCapt Heard
V23P31210/31/81Col MoylanOrders to march SouthGen St Clair, Armand's
V23P31310/31/81Col BaylorMoylan to command CavalryCopy to Col White
MOYP12411/01/81Gen WashingtonSataus of 4LDgo to Philadelphia
V23P31711/01/81Col MoylanRequest leave togo to Philadelphia
V23P31711/01/81Col ArmandLegion in Charlottesville
V23P31911/03/81William MooreMoylan to Philadelphiato get supplies for 4LD
----------02/18/82------------------Index to Vol 24---------------------------
V24P04403/05/82Capt Allen McLaneCertificate for dutyin Philadelphia 11/77
V24P08103/20/82Col ArmandPassed overfor promotion
V24P11204/12/82Baron SteubenCount BeniowskyCavalry recommendation
V24P31006/05/82Court MartialMichael Moran (4LD)Committed Perjury
V24P53008/10/82ChastelluxAdieu and thank youfor services to USA
----------08/11/82------------------Index to Vol 25---------------------------
V25P00208/11/82ORDERSDragoons & ExpressesKings Ferry & Boston
V25P01008/12/82Col SheldonDragoon ExpressesHartford to Peekskill
V25P01108/12/82Col ArmandCavalry System*Proposal shelved
V25P17309/17/82Capt David HopkinsA Rank Claim* MajorityCapt Swan
V25P18209/20/82Col MoylanSgt MorrisMrs Moylan
V25P30610/26/82Col Sheldon2LD from Fishkillthro Litchfield to Hartford
V25P31110/30/82Col ArmandCorps HonoredCapt Segond
V25P40011/27/82Col SheldonThank you forIntelligence
V24P38111/27/82Major TallmadgePlan for raid onHuntington, Long Island
V25P38211/30/82Court Martialof Louis SosoLt John Sullivan
V25P42012/03/82Col SheldonLt Horace Seymourto Dobbs's Ferry
V25P42012/03/82Col SheldonCountermandPrevious orders
V25P42112/03/82Major TallmadgeGo ahead withRaid on Huntington
V25P45012/10/82Col SheldonPrepare to move toWinter Quarters
V25P45112/10/82Major TallmadgeRaid failedCapt Brewster wounded
MOYP12712/15/82Gen WashingtonReduction of the 4LD
V25P46612/25/82Col MoylanReduction of the 4LDGeneral Lincoln
Vol Pagemm/dd/yyTo/From*fnote#Title*/Subject/footnote#nnNamed / Location / Notes
----------08/11/82------------------Index to Vol 26---------------------------
----------mm/dd/yy------------------Index to Vol 38---------------------------
----------mm/dd/yy------------------Index to Vol 39---------------------------

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