IV Regiment of Continental Light Dragoons

Recreated Troop of Fourth Continental Light Dragoons

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The Pennsylvania Archives are available online at footnote.com.
The Correspondence of Col. Stephen Moylan along with other Pennsylvania and Continental Officers is among some of the gems contained in these archives. Another great on-line link to one of the most cited pieces of documentation of the Officers of the Continental Army as presented in the Historical Register by Francis Heitman. The original edition, is available at open.library.org.

The original edition, is incomplete and contains some errors.
Subsequent editions include additions and updates to the Register.
As we acquire the updates, they will be presented on this page.

Rank...................Alphabetical List.................Notes

Lt.            ANDERSON, JAMES     See Below     
Cornet         BAMPER, JOCOB       See below
Lt.            BEDKIN, HENRY       to Capt Pulaski LD
Quartermaster  BENNETT, PATRICK    Civilian agent See Memorial in National Archives via Footnote.com  
Capt.          BIRD, WILLIAM
Cornet         BOWEN, JOHN/JEHU    From 4th Md Brother of James  and Sgt Sabrett (see below)
Major          BULL, EPAPHRAS      Temporary duty from 2LD
Surgeon        CATHCART, WILLIAM
Cornet         COBURN, JOHN
Capt.          COOK, JOHN
Capt.          CRAIG, CHARLES
Capt.          CRAIG, JOHN
Lt.            CROSS, WILLIAM 
Cornet         DORSEY, LARKIN
Lt.            DORSEY, RICHARD      to Capt Maryland Arty
Capt.          DORSEY, THOMAS
Capt/Major     FAUNTLEROY, MOORE    See Memorial by Peter Manifold in National Archives via Fold3.com
Cornet         FELL, WILLIAM
Capt.          FRANK, LAWRENCE
Cornet         FUNC, JACOB
Lt/Capt        GILL, ERASMUS
Capt.          GRAY, GEORGE
Lt.            GUTHREY, GEORGE      /GUTHRIE - see paper
Lt.            HALLET, JONAH        from Malcom's Addl Regt 04/25/79  
Capt.          HEARD, JOHN
Cornet         HENDERSON, JOHN
Lt.            HENDERSON, WILLIAM   Paymaster
Capt.          HOPKINS, DAVID       To Major 1LD
Lt.            HORD, JOHN           To Capt. Lee's Legion
Lt/Capt        MANIFOLD, PETER
mate/Surgeon   MCCALLA, THOMAS      /MCCAWLEY
Lt.            MOORE, NICHOLAS R    To Capt Baltimore City Horse
Colonel        MOYLAN, STEPHEN
Lt.            OVERTON, THOMAS      To Capt 04/24/81 for service in the South 
Cornet         PEYTON, DADE
Capt.          PIKE, ZEBULON
Capt.          PLUNKETT, DAVID
Cornet/Lt      ROBBINS, JOHN
Cornet/Lt/Capt SMITH, LARKIN
Cornet         SULLIVAN, JOHN
Lt Col         TEMPLE, BENJAMIN     from 1LD for Col White
Lt/Capt        TRENT, LAWRENCE
Major          WASHINGTON, WILLIAM  LtCol 3LD
Lt Col         WHITE, ANTHONY W.       to 1LD
Cornet         WHITE, GEORGE           to 1LD
Chaplin        WILLAIMSON, SAMUEL 
Cornet/Lt/Capt WILLIS,  HENRY       Also did duty with 1st Cont Arty from Va
Cornet         YULE, JAMES          Deputy Wagonmaster-General at Velley Forge, 1778

OFFICERS OF THE REGIMENT BY RANK See this (Jan) 1779 Return. 

STATE   NAME                            PROMOTIONS FROM/TO DATES NOTES

NJ 	ANTHONY WALTON WHITE            FEB '77 to DEC '79 to 1LD

VA 	WILLIAM WASHINGTON              JAN '77 to NOV '78 to 3LD
CT 	EPAPHRAS BULL from 2LD     	APR '80 to FEB '81 (temporary) to 1st

VA 	MOORE FAUNTLEROY to MAJOR 	AUG '79 to END? prisoner/exchanged?

VA A	MOORE FAUNTLEROY             	JAN '77 to AUG '79   captured/RELEASED TO MAJOR
VA B	DAVID HOPKINS 	 		JAN '77 to  ?  '80   to MAJOR 1LD
PA C	THOMAS DORSEY               	JAN '77 to AUG '77   OMITTED
MD D	DAVID PLUNKETT               	JAN '77 to MAR '79   RESIGNED
VA E	VACHEL HOWARD               	JAN '77 to MAR '78   DIED
PA F	CHARLES CRAIG                	JAN '77 to SEP '77   WOUNDED at Brandywine Sept 11, 1777
VA ?	WILLIAM BIRD                	JAN '77 to JUL '78   RESIGNED
VA ?	GEORGE GRAY                  	DEC '77 to MAY '79   RESIGNED
PA ?	JOHN CRAIG                   	DEC '77 OR '78 to END
VA C    JOHN HEARD                      FEB '78 to END

NJ C    ZEBULON PIKE                    DEC '78 to END
PA F    PETER MANIFOLD                  AUG '79 to OCT '80
VA D    ERASMUS GILL                    DEC '79 to END captured/exchanged
VA ?    LAWRENCE TRENT                      +79 to END
VA ?    LARKIN SMITH                    APR '80 to END
PA B    HENRY WILLIS                    DEC '80 to APR '81 RESIGNED
VA ?    JOHN COOK                         ? '80 to '83
VA B    THOMAS OVERTON                  APR '81 to END  vice Willis resigned.
PA F    LAWRENCE FRANK                    ? '82 to END?

The troop commanders were assisted by the lieutenants, cornets and non-commissioned officers,
the sergeants and corporals. Two lieutenants served in each troop, and served as regimental
adjutant, paymaster and quartermaster. Many 4th Dragoon Lieutenants were promoted to captain
and command of a troop. 

PA WILLIAM CROSS 		JAN '77 to JUN '77 to CAPT  to 4TH PA
VA JOHN HORD 			JAN '77 to  ?  '79 to CAPT  to LEE'S
VA JOHN HEARD 			JAN '77 to FEB '78 to CAPT
PA JOHN CRAIG                 	MAR '77 to DEC '78 to CAPT
VA GEORGE GRAY              	DEC '77 to MAY '79 to CAPT
NJ ZEBULON PIKE           	MAR '78 to DEC '78 to CAPT
PA PETER MANIFOLD         	MAY '78 to AUG '79 to CAPT
VA LARKIN SMITH                 SEP '78 to APR '80 to CAPT
PA HENRY WILLIS                 DEC '78 to DEC '80 to CAPT resigned April 24, 1781.
PA JAMES ANDERSON                     ? to DEC '80 PRISONER
PA GEORGE GUTHREY         	      ? '81 to END
PA DADE PEYTON                  JUN '79 to ?
PA JOHN SULLIVAN  		OCT '79 to PULASKI? to CAPT?               
NY JONAH HALLET          	OCT '79 to NOV '82          from Malcoms Addl Regt 04/25/79
VA THOMAS OVERTON        	JUL '79 to APR '81 to CAPT  from 1VA	
PA LAWRENCE FRANK        	OCT '79 to ?   '82 to CAPT
VA LAWRENCE TRENT        	OCT '79 to ?       to CAPT
VA ERASMUS GILL          	MAR? 80 to END to CAPT
VA JOHN ROBBINS          	OCT '81 to END
   CORNETS - see Papers of the Continental Congress,August 30th, 1779
One Cornet served in each troop. Some had regimental functions similar to the lieutenants. 
This rank is similar although not the same as ensign in the infantry as dragoon
cornets were armed junior officers. Some Cornets advanced to Lieutenant and higher. 
Several 4th Dragoon Cornets were promoted to lieutenant, captain and command of a troop. 

PA JOHN COBURN           	JAN '77 to ?
PA JACOB FUNC           	JAN '77 to ?
PA WILLIAM FELL          	FEB '77 to MAR '78 OMITTED
NJ ZEBULON PIKE         	MAR '77 to MAR '78 to LT
VA LARKIN SMITH         	AUG '77 to SEP '78 to LT 
PA LAWRENCE TRENT        	  ? '78 to OCT '79 to LT
PA PETER MANIFOLD       	APR '78 to MAY '78 to LT
PA JAMES YULE           	SEP '78 TO ?
MD JOHN/JEHU BOWEN           	OCT '78 to ? 2nd Lt 4th Md Regt, wounded at Germantown, 4 Oct. 1777.
VA DADE PEYTON          	MAR '79 to JUN '79 to LT
PA JOHN SULLIVAN                      ? to OCT '79 to LT
   HALBERT? (from 1779 return by rank) see above


JAMES ANDERSON was born in Chester Co., Pa., in 1750. He served as a Private in Capt. John Lacey's Company, 4th Penna Infantry, commanded by Col. Anthony Wayne. This regiment entered service in 1776, and. took part in the battles at Long Island and Ticonderoga. He next enlisted in Col. Stephen Moylan's Regiment of Pennsylvania Cavalry, and was commissioned Lieutenant. He was captured by the British, and exchanged in December, 1780. (Family Rec. Pa. Archives, 2d Series, Vol. to, pp. 126 and 238; Vol. 238; Vol. p. 128.) Jacob Bamper, Cornet Information provided by Annette Bamper howlofthewild@angelfire.com He was born either in 1756-57, most likely in Bergen County, New Jersey. He was baptized in the Dutch RC of Paramus as well as several of his siblings. Revolutionary War Record; 2d Lt, 2d NY, 21 Nov 1776. Resigned 21 July 1777. He was married in Jan 1778 in Clarkstown NY, which may explain the break in his service. Cornet 4th Dragoons 12 Aug 1778. Regimental Quartermaster Sept 1778. Omitted May 1779. He had applied for pension from NJ in 1818 and was dropped under the act of May 1, 1820. He died Jan 12,1825. He is buried in the Methodist Cemetery HoHoKus, NJ.

The Bowen brothers, Cornet Jehu and Sgt Sabrett, were fighting Quakers.  Their mother, Mary Sollers Bowen, cut off these sons in her will with "one English Shilling apiece" for having taken up arms in the Revolution. This information comes from (among other sources) Harry Wright Newman, "Maryland Revolutionary Records," Washington, 1938, pp 11, 109; "Census of Pensioners for Revolutionary or Military Service," Washington, 1841, reprint, Baltimore, 1954, p. 128, National Archives, Pension Files, Revolutionary War, BIWt 9020, W4135; Affidavit, 16 July 1889 of Charles T. Holloway (grandson of Sabrett Bowen) in records, Maryland Society, Sons of the American Revolution.  Submitted by R. Ross Holloway

From the Journals of the Continental Congress, 1774-1789 SATURDAY, JUNE 12, 1779
A Memorial from the officers of the 4th regiment of light dragoons was read.
Ordered, That it be referred to the Committee of Conference. (See page1, page2)
This memorial was signed by;
LtCol Anthony Walton White,
Capt Zebulon Pike,
Lt William Henderson, Paymaster
Patrick Bennet Quartermaster,
Cornet Dade Peyton,
Surgeon William Cathcart,
Capt John Heard,
Lt Henry Willis,
Capt John Craig,
Lt Peter Manifold,
Thomas McCalla
Lt Larkin Smith,
Lt Erasmus Gill - See signatures of Larkin Smith and Erasmus Gill

See the GW Papers Index References for the officers that appear in the Correspondence of General Washington. 



The Pennsylvania Line


The following information about 4th Dragoon Troop Commanders is from

The Pennsylvania Line Regimental Organization and Operations,

1776-1783 By John B. B. Trussell, Jr.

Illustrated By Charles C. Dallas. Jr.

Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Pennsylvania

Historical and Museum Commission Harrisburg 1977

Troop A, commanded by Capt. Moore Fauntleroy. After serving in 1776 as an ensign and second lieutenant in the 5th Virginia (infantry) Regiment, he was appointed a captain in the 4th Continental Light Dragoons on January 21, 1777. He was taken prisoner at the Battle of Germantown, on October 4, 1777. The date of his escape or exchange is not known; but as noted above, he was promoted to major on August 1, 1779. 12 Records do not indicate the promotion or appointment of any officer to fill the captaincy he vacated. The regiment's first appointment to captain after Fauntleroy's promotion was that of Larkin Smith, but that did not take place until April 1, 1780, eight months later. Smith, still another Virginian, had been commissioned a cornet in the 4th Dragoons on August 1, 1777, promoted to lieutenant on September 4, 1778, and after becoming a captain continued with the regiment as long as it remained in existence.


Troop B, commanded by Capt. David Hopkins, of Virginia. He had been a volunteer with Benedict Arnold's Quebec expedition in 1775, and was appointed a captain in the 4th Continental Dragoons on January 21, 1777. At an unknown date in 1780, he was promoted to major of the 1st Continental Dragoons. It is possible that his replacement was Capt. Henry Willis, of Pennsylvania, concerning whom the records are contradictory. He was appointed a cornet in the 4th Dragoons in June, 1777, and according to one version, 15 was promoted to second lieutenant on June 25, 1781, and to captain on an unspecified subsequent date, serving to the end of the war. Another version, 16 however, says that he was promoted to captain on December 22, 1780, and resigned his commission on April 24, 1781, at which time he was replaced by Capt. Thomas Overton*, a Virginian, who had been a lieutenant in the 9th Virginia (infantry) Regiment until July 1, 1779, when he had been appointed a first lieutenant in the 4th Dragoons. He served with the 4th Dragoons through the rest of the war. * Found name spelled Oberton in Penna Archives. There were Two Overtons, John and Thomas, brothers or cousins? Both served in Virginia Regiments. Only Thomas served in the 4th Dragoons. (see Heitman's)


Troop C, commanded by Capt. Thomas Dorsey, of Pennsylvania. He began his service as a captain of infantry, initially in the 1st Pennsylvania Battalion and then in its successor unit, the 2d Pennsylvania Regiment. He became a captain in the 4th Dragoons on January 10, 1777. but is listed as "omitted" in August of the same year. No promotion occurred which can be associated With the departure from the service (due the mutiny) of Capt. Dorsey. The first such promotion after he left the regiment, which took place on February 8, 1778, was that of John Heard, of New Jersey. After having been a second lieutenant of New Jersey artillery in 1776, Heard had become a first lieutenant of the 4th Dragoons on January 20, 1777. He served as a captain in that regiment from the date of his promotion to the end of the war.


Troop D, commanded by Capt. David Plunkett, of Maryland. His prior service had been as a second lieutenant in Smallwood's Maryland Regiment. Appointed a captain in the 4th Continental Light Dragoons on January 10, 1777, he was taken prisoner on October 20 of that year (location and circumstances unknown, although possibly in conjunction with the defense of Fort Mercer, near Red Bank, New Jersey), and resigned from the army on March 13, 1779. Possibly to fill this vacancy, Peter Manifold was promoted to captain from first lieutenant on April 14, 1779. One of the comparatively few Pennsylvania officers, he had originally joined the regiment as a cornet, on April 14, 1778, being promoted barely two weeks later (on May 1) to lieutenant. He resigned on Oct 30, 1780. Apparently the vacancies remained unfilled for some time.


Troop E, commanded by Capt. Vashel D. Howard, of Virginia. He was commissioned a captain in the 4th Dragoons on January 24, 1777, but died on March 15, 1778. 22 There was no promotion to captain in the regiment from that time until December 22, 1778, when John Craig, a Pennsylvanian, was promoted from first lieutenant. He had been a second lieutenant in the 2d Pennsylvania (infantry Battalion and a first lieutenant in the 3d Pennsylvania (infantry) Regiment before transferring to the 4th Dragoons on March 22, 1977. He stayed with the organization to the end of the war.

Troop F, ? CHARLES CRAIG of Pennsylvania, was commissioned a Captain and Troop Commander of the 4th LD on Jan 10, 1777. He was wounded at Brandywine Sept 11, 1777 and did not return to service. (Capt Charles Craig is not cited in The Pennsylvania Line). His prior service dated from 1775 as a 1stLt, of Thompson's Penna Rifle Regt, June 25, 1775; to Captain, Nov 9, 1775; then he began his Continental Service as a Captain of 1st Continental Line Jan 1, to Dec 31, 1776.


Other officers who at one time or another served as captains in the 4th Continental Light Dragoons were:

Capt. Zebulon Pike,* of New Jersey. Appointed a cornet in the 4th Dragoons on March 1, 1777, he became the regimental adjutant on November 20, 1777, was promoted lieutenant on March 15, 1778, and captain on December 25, 1778. On June 1, 1780, he was appointed regimental paymaster, holding that position until the end of the war. 74

Capt. Erasmus Gill, of Virginia. He was appointed a captain in the 4th Dragoons in Feb, 1779, but with a retroactive date of rank of December 25, 1778. He had prior service as a sergeant, ensign, and second lieutenant in the 2d Virginia (infantry) Regiment. On October 3, 1779, he was (mistakenly reported) taken prisoner at Savannah, Georgia, and after his exchange on October 22, 1788, served to the end of the war. 25

Capt. Lawrence Frank, of Pennsylvania. Having been commissioned a first lieutenant, 4th Continental Light Dragoons on October 1, 1779, he was promoted to captain some time in 1782 and served in that grade throughout what remained of the war. 26

Captain Larkin Smith

This is the entry for Larkin Smith in the 1917 edition of Heitman's Register, as he was not listed in the original edition.

This is Capt Smith's Virginia Pension information from Southern Campaign American Revolution Pension Statements

This intelligence note to Gen. Sterling from Cornet Smith was found in the GW Papers.

The narrative of Francis Brooke from the book SOME PROMINENT VIRGINIA FAMILIES, CHAPTER XI, pp343 to 351, cites Capt. Larkin Smith as being in action in the Richmond, Virginia area in January of 1781. He is also cited as being present at the battle at Green Spring farm, in July of 1781. From this account, it is not possible to identify which brigade Larkin Smith was attached to, that of Gen Lafayette or Gen Anthony Wayne's brigade. These brigades joined forces at Green Spring. This account was written well after the Revolutionary War. So, many side issues are inserted into the narrative. The participants in the battle of Green Spring are cited and the action at Burnt Ordinary is noted. The action at Spencer's Ordinary, which occurred in the same time frame, is not noted. This narrative provides an excellent description of the war in the South.
See JSTOR: The Virginia Magazine of History and Biography, Vol. 19, No. 1 (Jan., 1911), pp. 100-104 

Index of 4LD Officers in the GW Papers


The two electronic index volumes XXXVIII & XXXIX contain the page number reference which we use to cite our findings in this list of names of 4th Dragoon Officers found in the GW Papers index. 







BEDKIN, HENRY Lt (Adj):* 15.220n; 16.157; 18.403; 17.251, 286, 496, 497; (IV Lt to 04/78) 18.35n, 117; 20.142,187, 333, 392; 10.305 (to Capt Pulaski LD)
BIRD, WILLIAM Lt:* 9.68-69, 81-82 MI 15
BOWEN, JOHN Lt (ADJ 8Va 12/28/78): 13.460

CRAIG, CHARLES Capt; 10.32; 11.343 MI 60

CRAIG, JOHN Lt to Capt:* 9.68-69, 81-82; 10.353, 419 MI 60 11.245; 17.482; 18.284; 28.118

DADE, PEYTON: MI 110 (to Heath 07/18/79 s4p2)
DORSEY, LARKIN Cornet CC 1777 18
DORSEY, RICHARD Lt:* 9.68-69, 81-82 MI 70 CC 1777 18
DORSEY, THOMAS Capt: 9.99 MI 70 CC 1777 572, 614, 677.

FAUNTLEROY, MOORE Capt to Major: 17.483; 21.187, 415-417; 23.216 MI__

GILL, ERASMUS Lt to Capt: 14.133
GRAY, GEORGE Lt:* 9.68-69, 81-82
GUTHREY, GEORGE Lt /GUTHRIE (see our paper)

HALLET, JONAH Lt to Capt: 8.306; 15.16 MI s4p2
HEARD, JOHN Capt: 19.414; 23.202, 305 MI 10
HENDERSON, JOHN Cornet: Same name as Capt (next)
HENDERSON, JOHN Capt Light Corps in table 18.191
HENDERSON, William Lt: Same name as Capt (next)
HENDERSON, William Capt 4PA: 15.4
HOPKINS, DAVID Capt:* 7.9-10; 15.471; 25.173; 17.483; 19.467 to Major 1LD 10.256-258; 12.193n; 14.66; 16.15, 29, 113, 25.173 21.357, 364, 414 MI 110 CC 1777 703
HORD, JOHN Lt (Capt Lee's Legion)

MANIFOLD, PETER Lt to Capt: 19.476
MOORE, NICOLAS RUXTON Lt to Capt MD Dragoons:* 9.68-69, 81-82; 14.302 MI
MOYLAN, STEPHEN Col:* (see our Moylan page) See INDEX: 38.449, 450; LETTERS: 39.860 MI 191

OVERTON, THOMAS Lt to Capt: 13.83

PIKE, ZEBULON (ROBERT) Capt: 17.482; 23.168, 328


ROBBINS, JOHN Cornet 8.286; 24.452

SMITH, LARKIN CORNET to Lt to Capt See Intelligence Note TO STIRLING OCT '78


TEMPLE, BENJAMIN LtCol:* 7.338; 11.37, 168-69, 213, 275, 340 (from 1LD) 12.204-05, 290; 13.38, 48, 207, 219-20, 458; 17.335n, 461, 483; 18.193, 219, 179, 194; 15.336, 338, 495; 36.334; 20.141

WASHINGTON, WILLIAM Major:* 6.439, 446; 15.121; 7.321; 12.228,290; (to LtCol 3LD) 13.25,208,359,360; 14.88; 37.168, 331; 14.121, 122, 127, 336n, 385; 16.199, 216, 202, 230, 244, 278, 279, 359, 360, 444, 445; 17.76, 78, 135, 149, 151, 211, 213.

WILLIS, HENRY III, LT: Intelligence reports to GW dated June 24, 25, 26 & 27.
WHITE, ANTHONY WALTON LtCol:* 3.447; 37.514; 7.37, 309, 310; 4.50,126,269,156; 18.161; 9.119,156; (to lst) 12.96,113,114,290; 13.371; 14.66,92,133,265,293n; 15.299; 16.24,58,66; 17.86,460,483; 30.413; 23.194,198,313n,202,305; 36.333,356,433,442 MI 288


The LIBRARY OF CONGRESS Microfilm Page Index (MI) is noted when known


4th DRAGOONS: 8.306; 9.68, 99, 119, 311; 10.256, 305, 353; 11.213, 245; 14.92, 265, 302; 15.16, 471; 17.482-83; 18.85, 90-92, 193-94, 280; 16.382 19.466-67, 476-77; 21.187, 357, 415; 23.202; 25.382

CAVALRY: INDEX, 38.101,102; letters - 39.767




COLCHESTER,CT: 17.189,190,288,292,318,395,482; 18.18n: 20.337, 410, 411, 419, 492n

LANCASTER,PA: 10.133,226,495; 13. 284,351,371,397; 18.69; 19.255; 20.121n,191n,362,419,361; 22. 265; 23.374,383; 24.22,23n,93,310; 25.28n,106,111,382,436n

POUND RIDGE, NY: 15.391,497; 16.86n

VALENTINE HILL, NY: HQ 6.222-225; 22.324-327; 12.512,522 (Moylan, AdeC)


Alphabetical List of Enlisted Men*

*The base list was reproduced from the archival publication;
PENNSYLVANIA in the War of the Revolution,
Battalions and Line.  1775-1783
Edited by John Blair Linn and William H. Egle MD,
Vol II Harrisburg: Lane S. Hart, State Printer, 1880.

The Pennsylvania Archives are availabe online at footnote.com.

The VIRGINIA PENSION requests are from
Abstracted and compiled by John Frederick Dorman
Washington, DC 1958 


Abbey, Edward, Virginia Pension Request #S.34621
       He enlisted in Dec. 1777 for three years in the company of dragoons of 
       Capt. Frant Laroy under Major Washington in the 4th Regt of Pennsylvania      
       Dragoons commanded by Col. Mayland and Lt. Col. White. Maj. Washington 
       acted as recruiting officer at Valley Forge and enlisted about 50 
       Virginians at the same time Abbey enlisted. He received a three month 
       furlough and then Joined Maj. Washington at Fredericksburg, Va, 
       and marched to New Jersey to Join the 4th Regiment. 
       He was in engagements at Newrachell, Tapham (when Arnold deserted West 
       Point), and was discharged at Lancaster, Penn. 
Acton, Thomas, July 18, 1777. 
Adams, Jonathan, enlisted on June 5, 1778, under Captain Plunkett and Lt 
       Erasmus Gill's companies of the 4th troop of the 4th Regiment of the 
       Dragoons in Trenton NJ. He enlisted for 3 Years for the state of Penna 
       on the Continental establishment. He was at the Siege of York and the 
       Capture of Cornwallis in Captain Heard's Company, Colonel Bland's 
       Regiment. At the end of his term he again enlisted in 1781 in State of 
       Penna. under Captain Heard commanded by Col Bland; Gibb's Company in the       
       Cavalry Regiment of the Penna line. 
       Believed to be born in Chester Pa. (from Mr. Nelson Swiger)
       died in Harrison county, Virginia, April 21, 1835. 
Akeley, John, March 13, 1778; Capt Plunketts company; discharged, 1783; 
     resided in Greenwood township, Mifflin county, in 1814. 
Alburtis, John, June 12, 1778. 
Anthony, George, June  12, 1778.
Austen, Thomas, Sergeant. (e.)
ASHBY, Fielding, see Virginia Pension Request #S.50249.
       In the Spring of 1780 he volunteered for six months under Capt. Erasmus Gill 
       of the Continental Light Horse in Frederick County. The horses were pressed 
       for the use of the army and the uniform was furnished by the United States. 
       They marched against some Tories who were embodied near the Warm Springs. 
       The Tories dispersed and they returned to camp at Francis Stripling's in 
       Frederick County. They encamped thero until an officer in Col. Bland's 
       regiment of light horse, which was then encamped beyond James River, 
       came up to receive the horses of the company to which he belonged. 
       He was ordered by Capt. Gill to take a body of men and deliver the horses to 
       Col. Bland. Having delivered the horses, he was discharged. He served four 
       months. His lieutenant was William Hickman and Taliaferro Stripling was cornet.

Baker/Baer, Jacob, transferred to infantry August 19, 1777. 
BARR, Isaac. Virginia Pension Request #S.41419.
      14 Sept, 1820. Stokes Co, NC. Isaac Barr, aged 69, declares he enlisted 
      for two years in the Spring of 1776 under Capt. John Ashby in Fauquier 
      Co, Va, in the 3rd Virginia Regiment of Col. Thomas Marshall. 
      When his term of service had nearly expired he enlisted in a company of 
      cavalry of Capt. Pike for three years. He was appointed Trumpeter of the       
      company and served as such for some months until he received a fall from       
      his horse and injured his breast. He was reduced to a private soldier and      
      served until discharged in Philadelphia in the Spring of 1781. 
      He was under Col. White but a short time before his discharge. Col. 
      Washington succeeded to the command of the regiment. He was in battle at       
      York Island, Trenton, Princeton, Brandywine, Germantown and Monmouth.
Balitz, George, May 6, 1777. 
Barney, Thomas, March 23, 1777, Court Martial 04/22/79. 
Barry, John, May 11, 1777. 
Basford, James, Aug 1, 1780; Second troop. (Link provided by Mr. David K Tucker4742@aol.com)  
Bassett, William, resided in Ripley county, Indiana, 1834, aged 81.
Bates, Thomas - from the Journals of the Continental Congress, Jan 16, 1781 
Beach, Roswell, January 15, 1780. 
Bedell, David, Oct 15, 1778; resided in Burke county, North Carolina, in 1834. 
Benson, William. 
Birch, Samuel, March 12, 1779; Second troop. 
Black, Michael, April 23, 1778. 
Blaine, Allaim, June 12, 1778 - 1782. DAR Vol 96 Mrs. Miriam Kauke Pierce. 95711
Alaim Blain (1758-1846) served as private in Capt. John Heard's company, 
    Col. Stephen Moylan's regiment of Light Dragoons, Continental troops. 
    He died in Delaware County, Ohio. 
Bonham, Moses, June 5, 1778; died in Virginia, Nov, 1782; left a wife Rebecca. 
Borlis, John.
Bowen, James from 4th Md to Plunket's troop discharged Oct, 1780, brother of Cornet Jehu.
Bowen, Sabritt/Sabrett, Sgt, June 19, 1777, (Listed as Brown)brother of Cornet Jehu
       served to end of war in Capt Gill's troop. d. Nov 11, 1811.
   He enlisted in Moylans Dragoons 10 June 1777; Sgt 4LD, Capt David Plunkett's Troop,
   Aug 1778; Drill Sgt 4LD, Philipse Manor, NY, 23 Sept 1778. 
   Following the war he was Captain of the 2nd Battalion, 5th Md Regt (The Dandy Fifth), 
   18 June 1794.   Submitted by R. Ross Holloway
   from Flintlock & Powder horn Magazine of the Sons of the Revolution, Vol 20, #2, Fall 2002;
      'in 1811, an obituary of Captain Sabrett Bowen of Baltimore, dead at the early age of 53,
      reported that his life was shortened by injuries suffered many years before
      when he fell from his horse in a charge upon the enemy lines before Savannah.'
Boyd, Alexander. 
Bradburn, Alexander. 
Brewer, Daniel. May ll, 1778. 
Broom, Samuel. June 2, 1779.
Brown, Archibald.
Brown, Sabritt (see Bowen above)
Bryan, Charles, corporal, April 1, 1780. 
Bunhill, John. 
Burchall, John. 
Burtry, William. 
Burne, Lawrence, corporal, Craig's company; to infantry, Aug 19, 1777. 
Busby, Benjamin, February 13, 1777; farrier. 
Busby, George. 
Button, John. 

CALLENDER, Samuel. S.40814.
    14 April 1818. Luzerne Co., Pa. Samuel Callender the Elder of Greenfield 
    in said county, aged 72 years 3 months, declares he enlisted 
    in the company of Capt. John Hays and Lt. Andrew Moore in the 9th 
    Virginia Regiment of Col. Lewls in 1776 and served for one year and ten 
    months. He then enlisted in Col. Miland's  [MoYlan's] regiment of light 
    dragoons, and served nearly three years. He was at the capture of Gen Burgoyne, 
    battle or Monmouth and several smaller engagements.
    27 Jan. 1819. Luzerne Co., Pa. Enos Brown, Jr., declares he was a 
    soldier and about 1779 became acquainted with Samuel Callender who was 
    attached to the regiment of Col. Miland and stationed at Pound Ridge in 
    Westchester Co., NY. Samuel Callender served at least two months.
    10 Aug. 1820. Luzerne Co., Pa. Samuel Callender of the township Of 
    Greenfield in said county, aged 64, makes similar statement. He was in 
    the company of Capt. John Herd in Col. Stephen Millard's light dragoons.
    He owns 50 acres in Greenfield Township, the whole wild and in a 
    state of nature except four acres of meadow, one small mare, two cows, two 
    sheep, one yoke of oxen (not yet paid for), five old chairs, one table, one 
    set of tea cups, one-half dozen knives and forks, one-half dozen plates, one 
    pot and kettle, and other small articles, valued at $278.90. He is a farmer.
    He has seven children, all married and by themselves. His wife is aged 65.
    They live with their youngest son and have the privilege of one room in his house.
    1 July 1828. Luzerne Co., Pa. Samuel Callender of Greenfield in said 
    county gives power of attorney to secure pension as sergeant in the 4th 
    Regiment of the Pennsylvania Line.
    10 Dec 1828, Orange Co, NY, Benjamin Brown declares he knew Samuel 
    Callender during the Revolutionary War. Callender served in Col. Milan's 
    regiment of light dragoons in Westchester Co, NY, and in Connecticut for 
    more than two years. He lived in Wallkill in Orange Co, NY, and now 
    resides in Pennsylvania.
    13 Dec 1828, Orange Co, NY. David Slauson declares Samuel Callender in 
    the fall of the year came into the neighborhood as a forage master and 
    married an aunt of Slauson and stayed all winter and in the spring rejoined 
    his corps, a company Of light horse commanded by Capt. Heard in Col. Miler's 
    regiment. The next fall he returned on furlough; this was in 1779 or 1780. 
    Slauson at that time lived in Stanford, Fairfleld Co, Conn, near what was 
    called the 'Lines". Callender resided for several years in the town of 
    Wallkill, in Orange County, and since then in Pennsylvania. Upon reflection, 
    he believes Callender came back on furlough in 1781.
    16 Feb 1829, Samuel Callender writes from Greenfield about this claim for a pension.
    Samuel Callender of Greenfield, Pa., private in the regiment Or Col. 
    Lewis in the Virginia and Pennsylvania cavalry for one year and ten months, 
    was placed on the Pennsylvania pension roll at $8 per month from 4 April 
    1818 under the Act Or 1818. Certificate 10823 was issued 19 May 1819. 
    Dropped in 1820 on account of amount of property. 
Camp, Casper. 
Carroll, John. 
Casey, Morris, February 4, 1781. 
Christian, Jacob, March 12. 1779. 
Clarke, Naylor, August 1, 1778.
Clay, John March 30, 1777 Capt. Hopkins' Co (from Saffell's)        
Coakley, Robert, May 23, 1777; promoted corporal.
Colley, Charles, Capt Heard's Troop, Va Pension S.34702
Collins, Robert, April 27, 1779.
Coon, Christian, Trumpet Major (see Kuhn below).
CROES, Joseph, Virginia Pension Request #S.39386.
       17 Aug. 1818. Edgefield Dist, SC Joseph (X) Croes, 
       resident on Ninety-Six Creek near Cambridge in said district, aged 60, 
       declares he enlisted in Hanover Co, Va;, 
       In 1778 or 1779 in the company of Fent. Leroy in the lst Virginia 
       Regiment of Horse commanded by Col. Anthony White. 
       He served for four years and six months and was discharged ln Charleston, SC. 
       He was at the battle of Guilford Court House and also; 
       above Savannah with the Indians and was at the siege of York.
       14 March 1821. 
       Joseph (X) Croes, late a private of Lt.Col. William Washington's regiment of 
       cavalry, declares he was in engagements at Cowpens, Guilford Court House and 
       Eutaws. He lost two of his fingers at the battle of Cowpens, was shot through 
       the leg at Guilford Court House and was cut with a saber on the head at the 
       Eutaws. He is worth nothing in the world but a few rags of homespun clothes. 
       He has no wife. He has three sons who have gone to the western country and do 
       not support him in any manner. He is 72 years of age and so crippled by wounds 
       he is not able to maintain himself by his trade of a hatter.        
Crum, William, June 18, 1780; Second troop.       
Cryder/Crider, David, July 10, 1777; trumpeter, sergeant  (return 12/19/80).          
Cunningham, Robert, January 26, 1781.        
Curtis, John.       


Dailey, Dauiel:  Court Martial 04/22/79, Pardoned.          
Daubury / Danberry / Dunbarry, Nicholas, paid from June 12, 1778, to Aug 1, 1780.     
Danbury / Danberry, William, June 12, 1778.        
Darling, William  (return 12/19/80).        
Davis, John, corporal, Feb 1, 1782, to October 31, 1783.      
Demund, Peter, March 13,1778. 
Diddy, Jerry, discharged June 28, 1780.           
Denton, William, August 1, 1780; died in New York, in 1794.
Dickey, James.           
Dickson, John, February 9, 1779; resided in Dearborn county, Indiana, in 1834.
Dowling, Michael.        
Duffield, Felix.          
Dull, Abraham, sergeant, discharged October 7, 1780.        

Eaton, Micajah.          
Edwards, Charles, June 5, 1777.         
Ent, William.       
Estell/Estill, William, Aug 1, 1780.
Farshiers, Thomas, to infantry, Aug 19, 1777.      
Field, Charles.
Fisher, Richard, Farrier  Court Martial 04/22/79.           
Ford, John, March 6, 1781.         
Franey, James.           
Franklin, Philip, to infantry, Aug 19, 1777.
Fullerton, Robert, Feb 12, 1781.        

Gaines, Frederick, to infantry, Aug 19, 1777.
Gardner, Caswell, resided in Chester county, 1835, aged 78.
Garner, John      Court Martial 04/22/79. 
Garthon, Joseph   Court Martial 04/22/79.    
Garyin, Thomas.          
Gassmyer, Peter.         
Gibbons, Isaac, died in Shenandoah county, Virginia, Dec 2, 1826, aged 77.       
Gilbert, William, corporal, resided in Louisiana.           
Glauser, Michael.        
Gold, Levi, August 1, 1780.        
Grace, Aaron, Capt. Gill's company, 4th troop, in February, l8l9, 
     he was a resident of Philadelphia, aged 66; Pa pensioner, 1819. 
Grace, George, March 1, 1778.   
Graham, Edward, discharged April 23,1780. 
Gray, Lynch, Court Martial 04/22/79, died in Baltimore county, Maryland, Sept 27, 1826, aged 67. 
Grammer, Jesse, Feb 12,1779. (return 12/19/80)
Green, John. 
Grinder, George I. (return 12/19/80)
Grover, Francis, February 12, 1780; deserted. 


Hagan, Francis, enlisted in Captain Grays Troop of the 4th Regiment of Light Dragoons commanded 
       by Col Stephen Moylan Dec 22, 1777 at Valley Forge. 
       He originally enlisted in Captain John Fitzgeralds company of the 3rd Regiment of the 
       Virginia Line in 1776 and fought at the battles of Flatbush and White Plains. 
       Following his enlistment in the 4th Dragoons at Valley Forge, he served under William 
       Washington and fought at the battles of Brandywine, Germantown and Monmouth. 
       He was discharged in December of 1780 at Morristown, NJ by Capt Robert Powell,  
       according to his Virginia Revolutionary War Soldier pension application #S36007.  
    Francis Hagan was born April 1, 1754 in Charles County, Maryland. His family moved to Fairfax 
    County, Virginia, where they worked as bricklayers. His father John Hagan and brother Charles 
    Hagan made and laid thousands of brick in the construction of the Washington home at 
    Mount Vernon and appear in Washington's diary and cash accounts. 
    Francis Hagan died after 1826 in Alexandria County, Virginia. pension application #S36007

    Francis brother, Charles Hagan, was a revolutionary soldier who served in Col Graysons 16th 
    Regiment of the Virginia Line and fought at Brandywine, Germantown, Monmouth and saw the taking 
    of Cornwallis at York, where he finished the war as a substitute.  from Gary Harding

Haler, George, Trumpeter, resided in Lebanon County, 1832, age 79.
Harley, Joshua; (NARA Microfilm M246, Roll 115), Revolutionary War Rolls, 1775-1783, 
        Roll of Capt (Lt) Nicholas Ruxton Moore's Troop of the 4th Regiment of Light Dragoons, 
        for 28 Sept 1778, lists Joshua Harley as a private enlisted, 12 April 1777, for three years 
        service from Maryland. DNA Microfilm M881 Roll 47, Compiled Service Records of Soldiers 
        Who Served in the American Army During the Revolutionary War, states 
        Pvt Joshua Harley, Moore's Troop, 4th Regt, Lt Drag, was recruited from Maryland and duly 
        discharged 26 April 1780, end of enlistment.     
Heard, Bennett, April 4, 1777, Fifth troop. 
Henderson, William. 
Hewitt, Caleb, June 14, 1777, sergeant Fourth troop. 
Highlands, William, formerly of Ninth Virginia, Col. Muhlenberg; with Col. Morgan, 1777 1779; 
     1779 enlisted in this regiment; discharged, 1783; 
     resided in Allegheny county, in 1820. Penn pensioner. 
Hilbert,[Hilworth,] John, trumpeter, Feb 12, 1780, Fifth troop. 
Hoagland, William, April 20,1778.  
Holland, Jacob, resided in Monongalia county, Virginia, in 1832, aged 81. 
Holtz, John. 
Hooffnagle, George, Dec 26,1780; resided in Lancaster county, 1835, aged 71. 
Hopkins, William, February 5,1777. 
Housley, Jesse. 
House, George, to infantry, August 19,1777. 
Hyner, Joseph, April 11,1779. 

Impson, Henry, August 1, 1780; discharged, 1783; Pa pensioner, 1816. 

Jones, Godfrey. 
Jones, John, Aug 1, 1780; Second troop. 

Kainking, Daniel, to infantry, Aug 19,1777. 
Keiley, John. 
Kelly, Thomas, volunteered for 3 year enlistment in Continental cavalry in Winter of 1777. 
      Re-enlisted for 1 year at the end of 1780.
      Died 1812, Clifty Creek, Pulaski County, Kentucky.
      Served with Captain Dickerson's Rangers 1757 to 1759.
      Source: The Kelly Family, 1972, Library of Congress Catalog Card Number 72-86152.  
      Joseph Willis, oldest brother of Cornet Henry Willis III served with Kelly in 
      Captain Dickerson's Rangers
Kencade, Andrew, corporal, March 15,1778. 
Kendle, Clayton, June 12, 1778. 

Price Key (June 3, 1758 – July 14, 1829) served In the American War of Independence enlisting 
at the age of around 18 for one year in Aug 1776 at Spotsylvania County, Virginia as a private 
in Captain George Stubblefield's Company, 5th Va Regiment, Light Horse, 
commanded by Colonel Charles Scott and LTC Josiah Parker. 
He served with the 5th Regiment until May 1, 1777. 
He reenlisted May 4, 1777, as a corporal and was assigned to Captain Moore Fauntleroy's troops, 
4th Regiment Light Dragoons, commanded by Colonel Stephen Moylan. 
On Sept 1, 1777, he was promoted to sergeant. He apparently was an officer's aide for a period. 
In Sept 1778, he had the indignity of being posted as Quartermaster for the 4th Light Dragoons 
supposedly not by choice, but as a consequence of being shot in the shoulder at the Battle of 
Monmouth. (in Casualty List below)
He fought in the Battles Trenton New Jersey (Dec 26, 1776), 
Princeton (Jan 3, 1777) Brandywine, Penna (11 Sept, 1777), Germantown, Penna (4 Oct, 1777), 
Monmouth, New Jersey "possible arm/shoulder wound" (28 Jun 1778), 
served at Valley Forge during the winter of 1777/1778, 
and was present at the surrender of Lord Cornwallis, Yorktown, Virginia (Sept - Oct 19, 1781) 
after which he was released from service in the Continental Army.  
Keys / Keysleyt, Price, sergeant, March 4,1777 - From KEY AND ALLIED FAMILIES by Lane, 1931
      Price Key served in said war as a private in Captain George Stubblefield's Company, 
      5th Virginia Regiment, commanded successively by Colonel Charles Scott and LtCol 
      Josiah Parker. His name appears on the pay rolls of that company covering the period 
      from Sept 28, 1776 to May 1, 1777 and on the company muster roll covering the period 
      from Aug, 1776 to May 31, 1777 dated June 11, 1777, which muster roll bears remark: 
      Light Horse.  Price Keys served in The Revolutionary War as a corporal, sergeant and 
      quartermaster sergeant in Captain Moore Fauntleroy's troops, 
      4th Regiment Light Dragoons, commanded by Colonel Stephen Moylan. 
      A roll of that company dated Phillips, Sept 23, 1778, shows that he enlisted 
      March 4, 1777, for the war, and that he was recruited from Virginia. Was mustered 
      as a sergeant Sept 1, 1777, and as a quartermaster sergeant in Sept, 1778.
      He was at Brandywine, Pa (Sept 11, 1777), Germantown (4 Oct 1777), 
      Monmouth (28 Jun 1778) and he served at Valley Forge (1777/78). 
      He was mustered out of the service 19 Oct 1781. 
      He sustained a wound to his shoulder in one of the battles.
Killpatrick, George, sergeant; to infantry, Aug 19, 1777. 
King, John, (1st,) May 23, 1779.
King, John, (2d,) trumpeter, May 23,1779  (return 12/19/80). 
Kuhn/Koon/Coon, Christian, trumpet-major, Feb 4,1777. (return 12/19/80) 

Lankford, Philip; Court Martial 04/22/79, 
 (Langfet/Langfitt) See Court Martial, Aug 29, 1780
Larkins, James, sergeant, May 25,1777 - Christine Henderson submitted the following 
         information from the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA), 
         Revolutionary War Pension Application, file # R-6167:
         From Somerset County, Pennsylvania, 15 December 1812;
    I do hereby certify that James Larkins, A Sergeant, in the 4th Regt Light Dragoons 
    commanded by Col Stephen Moylan in the Service of the United States of America, in 
    the Revolutionary War, whose duty it had been for some considerable time to range 
    the lines of the enemy, was on or near the middle of January 1782 severely wounded 
    in the service of his country on the lines near Bacon's Ridge, in the State of South 
    Carolina, in his left thigh, with a shot having one of the main leaders and one of the 
    large veins of his thigh cut in two, thereby bleeding until his life was nearly 
    dispaired of and by which together with old age joined to the sore fategues of seven 
    years faithful service in the defence of his country he is rendered nearly 
    incapable of making a comfortable support for life and the subscriber being personally 
    present when the wound was received, and belonged to the....
    Sworn by Felix Duffy (Duffield?) before JP John MItchell.

    State of Ohio, Harrison County: On the fourth day of February 1819, before me, Samuel 
    Boyd, one of the Associate Judges of the Court of Common Pleas of Harrison County, 
    personally appeared James Larkins, aged sixty one years, a citizen of the county 
    aforesaid, who being duly sworn according to Law, makes the following declaration for
    the purpose of obtaining relief under the provisions of the act of Congress passed 
    March 18, 1818, entitled, 'Act to Provide for certain persons engaged in the land and 
    naval service of the United States in the Revolutionary War';  That he enlisted near 
    Tawney town in the State of Maryland on the 25th day of April 1777 in Capt David Hopkins 
    Company, 4th Regiment Light Dragoons, commanded by Colonel Stephen Moyland of the 
    Pennsylvania Line;  that Zebulon Pike was pay master, Henry Bedkin Adjutant and Patrick 
    Bennett Quarter Master of said Regiment; that after having been in the battles of 
    Germantown, Brandywine and Monmouth under Capt David Hopkins, after which he belonged 
    to a detached Company of Dragoons under the command of Capt. John Herd at the siege 
    of York, and capture of Cornwallis;  that afterwards he was transferred to another 
    detached company of Dragoons under the command of Capt Erasmus Gill, in which company 
    he served in South Carolina in the Regiment aforesaid, where he was wounded severely 
    in the thigh; that he continued serving in said Regiment of Light Dragoons, until the 
    9th of March, 1783, the time of the ratification of the definitive treaty of peace with 
    Great Britain, although he received a conditional discharge at Lancaster, Pennsylvania 
    on the 22 September 1782, signed by Jonah Hallett, then Adjutant of said Regiment of 
    Light Dragoons, by order of Benjamin Lincoln, then Secretary of War; that through time 
    and accidents his discharge has been lost; that he is infirm and in reduced circumstances, 
    and stands in need of the assistance of his country; that he herewith transmits all the 
    evidence in his power of the foregoing facts, and that he hereby relinquishes all rights 
    and title to any other pension from the government of the United States.

    State of Ohio, Harrison County. On this 31st day of July 1820 personally appeared in open 
    Court being the Court of Common Pleas of said County, in the fifth Judicial Circuit of Ohio, 
    the same being a court of record, James Larkins aged sixty two years, Resident in said 
    Harrison County, who being first duly sworn according to law on his oath declares that he 
    served in the Revolutionary War as follows:  
    He enlisted in the 4th Regiment Light Dragoons of the Pennsylvania Line commanded by Col 
    Stephen Moyland in Capt David Hopkins Company on the 25th of April 1777 at Menockasa in 
    Frederick County in the State of Maryland, He was in the battles of Brandywine, Germantown, 
    Monmouth, and at the capture of Lord Cornwallis; that he served seven years successively in 
    said Regiment and was honorably discharged at Lancaster in Pennsylvania on the 9th day of 
    March 1783 by Jonah Hallett Adjutant of said Regiment by order of Benjamin Lincoln 
    Secretary of War.  That the date of his original declaration was the 4th of February 1819.  
    That he has received a pension certificate and that the number thereof is 11,558.  
    And I do solemnly swear that I was a resident citizen of the United States on the 18th 
    day of March 1818; and that I have not since that time, by gift, sale, or in any manner 
    disposed of my property or any part thereof with intent thereby to diminish it as to bring 
    myself within the provisions of an act of the 18th day of March 1818, and that I have not 
    nor has any person for me any property or securities, contracts or debts due to me, 
    nor have I any income other than what is contained in this Schedule hereunto 
    annexed and by me subscribed,...."  (There follows schedule of assets/debits)
Lawson, Caleb, corporal, June 1, 1778; Fourth troop.
Leland, Patrick, to infantry, Aug 19, 1777. 
Leagon, John, April 2, 1779. 
Legore, John, April 2, 1779. 
Le George, John. (return 12/19/80)        
Lewis, Charles, May 1, 1780.       
Light, John, corporal, April 8, 1778; Aug l, 1780; acted afterwards as forage-master; 
     resided in Lancaster county, in 1832, aged eighty. 
Lippincott, Stephen, June 12, 1778; Third troop, (Pike's); discharged Sept 22, 1783. 
Little, Thomas, Jan 18, 1778.  
Longspit: Christian, to infantry, Aug 19, 1777.  
Lott, Jeremiah, trumpeter, March 18, 1779. 
Lucas, Richard, sergeant, July 4, 1777.
Lynn, John, Gill's company, Jan 1, 1780; 
     served until the end of the war; resided in Union county; 
     in Pennsylvania list of pensioners March 24, 1818.   


Madding, Thomas  was from Pittsylvania Co, VA and served in the 4th LD Dec 1777 to Dec 1780. 
    Prior to the 4th, he served in the 9th VA then in Dan'l Morgan's Rifle Reg't. 
Maloney, Timothy, Aug 1, 1780.       
Malone, John, resided in Washington county. 1820, aged 60.     
Martin, Abraham, Nov 14, 1780.          
Martin, Charles, sergeant, to infantry, Aug 19, 1777
Matherly, Israel enlisted as a private in Captain Vashel Howard's 5th Troop of the 4th Reg. 
        on 13-APR-1777. Listed as a casualty on 09-MAY-1777. (des'd) 
McCarty, Dennis, farrier, Feb 19, 1777.  
McCarty, William.   
McCarty, Daniel, to infantry Aug 19, 1777. 
McCrea, Gilbert, June 16, 1778.         
McFarlane/McFarland, John, May 9, 1777. (return 12/19/80)          
McHenry, Edward.    
McKolt, George William, farrier.          
McLaughlin, John; resided in Rowan county, North Carolina, in 1833, aged 81.      
McQuaid, John, farrier.       
Moore, Michael, July 4, 1781; from Cork, Ireland.           
Montgomery, John; Captain Pike's Troop, Feb 25, 1781. 
Morris, Benjamin  
Morris, John, September 20, 1780  (return 12/19/80).       
Morris, John, (2d,) June 12, 1778.           
Mortimer, Robert, sergeant; discharged April 23, 1780.           
Mullan, Jacob, died in Franklin county, Tennessee, Nov 4, 1833, aged 75.
Murray, Thomas.          

Nogel, Henry.       

Oldwine, Barnard, trumpeter.       
Oldwine, Charles, March 12, 1781.       
Orles, Thomas, to infantry, Aug 19, 1777.         
Organ, Cornelius, born Sept 25, 1754 in Baltimore, MD. 
       His family moved to Virginia after the death of his father.  
       Enlisted, Feb 12, 1776 into Capt John Brent's company of the 
       Virginia 4th Regt of Foot, of Col Thomas Elliott. 
       In Dec '77 he enlisted into the Lt. Horse on Dec 22, 1777 for 3 years, 
       belonging to the State of Virginia. 
       Listed as a Private, of Capt John Heard's troop of the 4th Dragoons, 
       dated North Castle, (NY?), Sept 24, 1778. His pension file 
       states that he fought at the Battles of Brandywine and Germantown. 
       He was honorably discharged at Lancaster, PA, upon completion of his 
       term of enlistment. 
       Reenlisted in the 2nd Regt of the Westchester County NY, Militia. 
       (from NY Military in the Revolution)
       He is also listed as a prisoner of war from May 4, 1781 to Sept 1, 1781.
       Other members of the NY regiment included the brothers of his wife-to-be
       He married Rachel Barrett in 1782 in Bedford, Westchester Co, NY. 
       He and his wife removed from Westchester County to the present Town of 
       Kent, Putnam Co, NY (then Dutchess Co). 
       He died at age 57 on Oct 6, 1818. He had nine children. 

Patton, James, Jan 30, 1777.        
Patton, Thomas.          
Perrein / Perryen, William, June 10, 1778; Sixth troop.
Perry, Thomas, May 1, 1777
Pierce, Thomas.       
Pitt/Pitts, Richard, enlisted December 23,1777 - See Court Martial, Aug 29, 1780   

Quail, John, Dec 22, 1777. 
Quarrell, James, Febr 20, 1777 (return 12/19/80)     

Raum / Ram, Jacob
Rex, Adam, to infantry, Aug 19, 1777.  
Riblet, Abraham, Peter, a private in Capt Jacob Klotz's Company of Col Matthias        
        Slough's Battalion of the Flying Camp in July of 1776. 
        (Pa Archives 5th Series, Vol 7, P 1061) 
        Sept 9, 1778 a Corporal in Capt Herman Stout's Company 10th Penna, Col         
        Richard Humpton, (Ibid 5th Series Vol 3, page 500.) 
        4th Dragoons (Ibid 5th Series, Vol 3, page 844).

Ranshaer, [Renshaw,] Bennett.
Richardson, Robert, June 12, 1778.
Roberts, Thomas, July 5, 1778; (return 12/19/80), captured in 1781; resided in Lancaster county,1812.
Robertson, James. 
Robeson, George, June 24,1777  
Runnals, Thomas.  

Sampson, Aaron
Satwell / Setwell, Solomon, Feb 17, 1780
Saylor, John  (return 12/19/80).
Scott, John, discharged Sept 1, 1780. 
Searles, Reuben, June 3, 1778.
Scott, Jeremiah  (return 12/19/80)
Shannon, David, trumpeter, Sept 11, 1777; (return 12/19/80) discharged Aug 22, 1780.  
Shell, Adam, taken prisoner and died in New York.
Shell, Ludwig 
Sheppard, Robert, quarter-master sergeant, Feb 22, 1778; (return 12/19/80)
     resided in Northampton county, 1835, aged 76.  
Shetz / Sheetz, Casper.  
Shields, James, Aug 1, 1778

Sight(s), Jacob, May 11, 1778, Capt David Plunkett, NJ, muster 09/23/78, 
                 reported deserted 10/06/78 
Singleton, John, Feb 24, 1777
Smith, Daniel, Jan 20, 1778 
Sonal / Sorral, John, Sept 17, 1780. 
Speeder /Speder /Spider, Jacob, May 1, 1777; Craig's company; (return 12/19/80) 
        resided in Adams county, 1811.
Spooler, Jacob 
Spicket, Daniel Locke enlisted in Ann Arundel, Maryland, on April 6, 1777,
    serving in the company commanded by Capt Vashel Howard under Col Moylan. 
    Daniel Spicket was a Trumpeter and served until he was discharged in 1780.
    At that time he enlisted in the ship Hetta (or Attic) of Philadelphia under
    a letter of marque and served the rest of the war (except that he was 
    captured during his naval service, imprisoned, and escaped from a prison 
    hulk). Daniel came over with General Burgoyne's forces and deserted to the 
    Revolutionary Army. 
    After the war he changed his name to Pickett and moved to Winchester, NH 
    with his wife and infant son.  
Sprackett, Thomas, April 12, 1778.  
Stephenson, William, Philadelphia, Aug 15, 1782; Pike's company;
resided in Philadelphia, 1786; Penna pensioner. 
Stout, David, June 5, 1778.  
Straune, John.
Suttle, Strother, enlisted Dec 24, 1777, discharged Dec 24, 1780   
Sutton, John, September 29, 1778. 
Swan, Joshua, May 6, 1777.
Sypher, Peter, discharged August 16, 1780. 

Taylor, John, corporal, May 4, 1777; living in 1792. 
Taylor, William, resided in Trumbull county, Ohio, 1824, aged 84 
Thomas, Edward, June 12, 1778. 
Thomas, James, June 14, 1777. 
Thompson, Ebenezer, August 9, 1780.  
Thomson, James.
Thompson, Joseph, Surgeons Mate.
Thompson, William, Riding Master.                
Thorn, Isaac 1777 _____?


Wade, William
Walner, Nicholas, transferred to infantry, August 19,1777.
Walser / Walzer, John
Watts, Francis.   Watts Online and  Tri-Counties Genealogy & History by Joyce M. Tice
Watson, Thomas W. 
Wear, Ralph. 
Wells, Enoch, corporal, transferred to infantry, August 19,1777. 
Welsh, Patrick, November 1,1780.
Westvelt, Caleb, sergeant, June 14,1777. 
White, Joseph, at Chesters Pennsylvania: in Capt Moore
     Fauntleroy's company, 8th September, 1777; at Monmouth; 
     discharged at Hackensack, September l5, 1780; 
     resided in Boggs township, Centre county, in 1820. aged 63. 
Willson, Thomas, sergeant, August 1, 1780; resided in Orange county, NY 1816.   
Winer, Henry, to infantry, August 19, 1777.
Wycoff, Cornelius, enlisted June 12 of 1778 in Trenton, NJ and 
        served as a private in Capt John Heard's 1st Troop.
        He was discharged in the spring of 1781 at Lancaster. 
        He received his pension in March of 1818. 
  Sue Wendt provided this information from his pension request; 
  He enlisted June 12 of 1778 in Trenton, NJ and served as a private in 
  Capt John Heard’s 1
st Troop. He then went to Valley Forge, then Ryeneck   then to Colchester, CT. In the fall to Lancaster and in the spring to   Philadelphia. From there he was back in CT. He quartered in Lancaster   for the 3rd winter. In the spring of 1781 he was discharged at Lancaster.

Young, John, (e,) May 1,1779. 
Young, Joseph, (e,) March 18,1777. 

Zell, John.
Zimmerman, William, Serjeant, Court Martial 04/22/79.

Fourth Dragoon Casualty List

Fourth Dragoon Casualty List - A

Fourth Dragoon Casualty List - B

Fourth Dragoon Casualty List – D

Fourth Dragoon Casualty List - H

Fourth Dragoon Casualty List - K

Fourth Dragoon Casualty List – L

Fourth Dragoon Casualty List - M

Casualty List - M, page 2

Fourth Dragoon Casualty List - N

Fourth Dragoon Casualty List - O

Fourth LD Casualty List - P

Fourth Dragoon Casualty List - Q

Fourth Dragoon Casualty List - R

Fourth Dragoon Casualty List - S

 Second List

Fourth Dragoon Casualty List - T

Fourth Dragon Casualty List - W

Fourth Dragoon Casualty List - A

Thomas Atkinson
Thomas Aldridge
James Anderson
Robert Aston
Thomas Acton
John Ackley
Jonathan Adams
Andrew Aukard
John Askin
John Albertis
Edward Abbey
George Anthony

Fourth Dragoon Casualty List - B
Robert Bruce
George Belitre
William Bealy
William Baxter
William Benson
 James Bowen
Sabritt Borven
Henry Bodwin
John Barry
Thomas Barney
Joseph Bowman
Daniel Brown
 Michael Black
Moses Bonham
John Bowen
William Bayard
Hreeny Barry
John Binnis
Nicholas Ball
William Buttra
Jacob Bamper, Cornet
Francis Baker
William Black
George Beakly
Jacob Beard
Benjamin Black
Henry Burck
William Bird
Henry Badford
Mitchel Burke
Thomas Bates
David Bedell
Samuel Butrche
William Berry
Lawrence Burns
Philip Brown
Thomas Burk
Aaron Blain
Page 2
Benjamin Busby
Isaac Bare/Barr
Benjamin Bragg
George Biggs
Henry Betkin/Bedkin, Adj
Patrick Bennett, QM
Samuel Broom
Robert Beach
William Bryant
Charles Bryant
Ephaphras Bull, Major
John Byans

Fourth Dragoon Casualty List – C
John Craig, Capt
John Craig
Alexander Clemond
Alexander Campbell
Edward Cooper
Jacob Christian
Ambrose Croker
Charles Colley
Thomas Cosby
Henry Craig
Thomas Carr
John Carrell
William Catheart
William Crumb
Francis Cruber
Thomas Cook
Joseph Cook
Philip Clark
Nailor Clark
List 1
Ford Cutter
John Casey
Peter Cypher
James Codington
Charles Carrol
John Clerk
Robert Coakly
William Calver
David Crider
Robert Carter
John Clark
Robert Collins
Robert Crawford
Robert Curry
Henry Cunningham

Fourth Dragoon Casualty List – D
Larkin Dorsey, Cornet
Jeremiah Diddy
James Dihoorth
John Dickson
John Dagans
Roger Dagans
Dillon Doyle
Peter Demund
Richard Dorsey, Lt
Caleb Dorsey
William Davidsn
Timothy Driskall
Thomas Dorsey. Capt
Daniel Dailey
Abraham Dull
Robert Dudley
William Darling
William Danberry
Nicholas Danbury
Moses Dotton
James Dowel

Fourth Dragoon Casualty List – E

John Enyard
Charles Edwards
Micajah Eaton

Fourth Dragoon Casualty List – F

Anthony Futard
Jacob Funk, Cornet
Thomas Forrest
James Fisher
Charles Fields
Perry Floyd
John Fenley
E Williams Fell
Richard Fisher
Moore Fauntleroy. Capt
Patrick Finley
Nicholas Fields

Fourth Dragoon Casualty List – G

Matthew Gibson
Lynch Gray
James Gallaway
Dennis Grimes
Jeremiah Gantly
Joseph Grathan
Peter Galloway
Thomas Gill
George Grave
John Gorden
George Gibbs
Edward Graham
George Gray, Capt
John Garner
Jesse Garmer
George Gray, Lt
Erasmus Gill, Lt, Capt
Francis Grover

Fourth LD Casualty List - H

David Hopkins, Capt
John Heard, Lt
Cornelius Harrison
Henry Hanson
Bennett Heard
Thomas Holt
Thomas Harden
William Hopkins
Caleb Hewit
William Hogland
John Hamilton
Joseph Hyner
Vachel Howard, Capt
John Henderson
Jacob Holland
Joshua Harley
John Hill
John Honey
Joseph Holland
Eppa Hubbard
Peter Higgons
Peter Hamarly
William Highland
Robert Hannah
John Hide
Francis Hagins
John Holtz
John Heard, Capt
John Humphreys
John Harris
Jesse Housley
William Henderson
Jonah Hallett, Lt
John Hilburn

Fourth Dragoon Casualty List – I, J
Henry Isbell
George Johnson
Godfrey Jones
John Johnson
William Johnson
Henry Javett
John Johnson

Fourth Dragoon Casualty List - K
John Keener
John King
George Knott
Philip Kelly
Thomas Karr
James Kahoe
Jacob K
John King
Samuel Kallenger
Clayton Kindle
Price Key
Thomas Kelley
Christian Koon

Fourth Dragoon Casualty List – L
James Larkin/Larkins
John Lee Burwell
William Lester
Richard Lucas
Samuel Langston
John Landye
John Light
Galeb Lawson
John Leegore
James Lesley/Lacley
Joseph Lamb
Patrick Loque
Francis Langford
Philip Langford
Jeremiah Lott
Thomas Little
Stephen Lipincut
Charles Lewis

Fourth Dragoon Casualty List - M
Phinehas Manning
John McCalla
John McCabe
William Mills
John McCoy
Joseph McCoy
Daniel McCarty
John McCloud
Nicholas Ruxton Moore
William McIntire
John McFarlin
Charles Malone
Peter Malone
Thomas McCully
Michael Monks
Dennis McCarty
Zachh Maccauley
Israel Matherly
Daniel Mohoney
William McGoun
Thomas Manning
Samuel Musgrove
John Murphy
Thomas Maden
Peter Manifold
Benjamin Mody
Patrick McDonald
Roger Morgan
Thomas Murray
Robert Mortimer
John McKinsey
John Mullin
Lawrence Marshall
William McCarty
William McNiel
Darby McGannon
Thomas Melahon
John McKenless
page 2
Gilbert McCrea
Jas McKenny
Stephen Moylan
H Thomas McCawley
John Martin
Daniel McClain

Fourth Dragoon Casualty List - N
John Newman
Henry Nelson
James Newsom
Crawford Newsom

Fourth Dragoon Casualty List - O
Cornelius Organ
______, Ousley (see Housley)
Thomas Overton

Fourth LD Casualty List - P
Thomas Perry
Richard Pooley
Richard Pitt
David Plunket, Capt
Dade Payton, Cornet
Zebulon Pike, Cornet
William Prine
George Porter
James Pare
Thomas Pierce
Zebulon Pike, Cornet
Robert Pike
James Patton
William Pike
Nathaniel Petitt

Fourth Dragoon Casualty List - Q
John Quaile
Henry Quaile
James Quarrell

Fourth Dragoon Casualty List - R
Robert Ross
Thomas Rannols
John Rogers
Thomas Row
John Ross
John Richy
Thomas Roberts
George Robinson
Thomas Roberts
Joseph Roberts
Edmund Rigby
Daniel Rhone
Robert Richardson
John Randolph

Fourth Dragoon Casualty List – S
John Singleton
Leonard Stone
James Shaw
Philip Smith
Daniel Sladisen
Reuben Sarles
James Sheals
Larkin Smith
James Sterling
Stroder Suttle
Adam Shell
Robert Shepherd
John Sullivan
Solomon Satwell
John Sorrel
page 2
Jacob Spider
John Smith
Joseph Snowden
John Sulton
George Smith
Joshua Swann
Jacob Sights
Daniel Smith
Thomas Sprackett
David Stout
Rezin Simpson
Daniel Sprickett
Terrence Sweney
Hosea Sprickett
Alexander Shaw
John Scott
David Shannon
John Strong

Fourth Dragoon Casualty List - T
Richard Trott
John Taylor
John Taylor
Andrew Thomas
James Thomas
William Thompson
Solomon Thomas
William Tomlin
Elwell Townsend
Francis Turner
William Taylor
Edward Thomas
Lawrence Trant, Lt
Stephen Tubbs
Benjamin Temple, LtCol

Fourth Dragon Casualty List - W
John Wood
Henry Williams
Gabriel Willson
Martin Wingate
James Wilcox
Edward Wilcox
Pierson Williams
Cornelius Wycoff
Jesse Ward
James Watson
William Whting
John Whitehurst
Joseph White
Anthony W White, LtCol
William Washington, Maj
Saml Williamson, Chaplain

Fourth Dragon Casualty List – V
Isaac Veighter

Fourth Dragon Casualty List – Y
Joseph Young
Archibald Yard
John Young
Peter Yarnal

Fourth Dragon Casualty List – Z
David Zabourne
William Zimmerman


General Court Martial

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The men noted above as being transferred to the infantry were punished as a result of the sentences of a General Court Martial, held the 7th, 12th and 16th inst: of which Col Sheldon was president.
See GENERAL ORDERS of Aug 19, 1777.

It is an honor to serve the descendants of the 4th Continental Dragoons by presenting
our research and the contributions of the descendants and other interested persons.
If you have any comments, additions or corrections to the data presented,
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NARA Alphabetical List of Enlisted Men and Officers*

* This list was compiled from the NARA files for the 4th Continental Light Dragoons. Some of the men in this list sold horses to the regiment or other goods and services. These men, in some cases, appear to have been enlisted into the regiment for the period of time that their work or services were needed, or a troop or detachment was stationed in the area that the person resided.
This list will be merged and/or reconciled with the previous list of  Penna Enlisted men.  A second list of men arranged by troop is also available in the Penna Archives and has been spotlighted by IVDragoon on the fold3  web site.
The names on the casualty list have been noted on this list.

Last Name, First   Enlisted   Commander    History    State 

Abbey, Edward, 12/22/77, Fauntleroy, Va Pension Request #S.34621
Acton, Thomas, 05/1877, Plunket, Cpl 11/77, Sgt 12//78, QM 10/79, Md
Adams, Jonathan 06/03/78, Plunket. NJ, 4th Cavalry 1782
Adkisson, Joseph
Age, Daniel, Fauntleroy 1/77 recruit
Akeley/Ackley, John, 03/18/78, Plunket, NJ
Albertis/Albertes/Alburtus, John, 06/11/78, Gray, POW 09/19/78, returned 10/78
Alcock, John, Fauntleroy 1/77 recruit
Aldridge, Thomas, 06/01/77, Hopkins, trumpeter, d. 07/77
Allen, John, Fauntleroy 1/77 recruit
Althouse, Mathew,1782 Pay Document
Anderson, James, Fauntleroy 1/77 recruit,reported deserted 10/06/78 
Anderson, John, 08/29/77, Hopkins, on Furlough, 09/14/78, d 10/06/78
Anthony, George, 06/12/78, Fauntleroy, Trumpeter 06/79, NJ
Armstrong, John, Fauntleroy 1/77 recruit
Askin, John, Dorsey, discharged 09/05/77
Atkinson, Thomas, 06/02/77, Hopkins, d. 07/77
Aukard, Andrew, 04/23/77, Howard, to foot 07/01/77
Austin/Aston, Robert, 03/11/77, Plunket, omitted 03/78
Auston, Thomas, Cpl 11/77, Sgt 12/01/78

Badford, Henry, 12/22/77, Gray, Sgt
Baker, Francis, Dorsey, d. 11/15/77
Ball, Nicholas, 12/23/77, Howard, Ruxton Moore, Va
Balozetts / Balezetts, George 
Bamper, Jacob, Cornet 08/12/78, Howard, Ruxton Moore, Omitted 05/79
Barlow, William, Fauntleroy ’77 recruit
Barney, Thomas, 03/23/77, Plunket, Md
Barr/ Bare, Isaac, 12/22/77, Fauntleroy, Trumpeter __/79, Va
Barry, Green Y, 04/77, discharged 09/01/78
Barry, John, 05/01/77, Plunket, Md
Bassford, James, 4th Cavalry 1782
Bates, Thomas, 12/22/77, Gray, Va
Bayard, William, 03/13/77, Sgt, Exchanged for Caleb Dorsey 04/19/77
Bayletz/Baylitz/Beletz, 05/05/77, Hopkins, Md, 4th Cavalry 1782
Baxster/Baxter, William, 06/26/77, 
___________, Fauntleroy 1/77 recruit, Hopkins, discharged 09/05/77
Beach, Roswell, 01/10/80, Heard
Beakly, George, Dorsey, discharged 09/05/77
Bear, Jacob, Dorsey, Omitted 02/78
Beaty, William, 06/01/77, Hopkins, d. 07/77
Bedell, David, 10/15/78, Gray, 
Belitre, George, 05/05/77, Hopkins
Belney, Joseph, Fauntleroy 1/77 recruit
Beecher, Thadeus, Forage
Bennett, Patrick, QM
Benson, William, 12/12/77, Hopkins, Prisoner, 08/80
Benton, Mark, Plunket horse purchase 03/20/77
Benton, William, 12/12/77, Hopkins, Va
Berlin, Isaac, Pa?
Berry, William, 05/26/78, Heard, QM Sgt ?/79, omitted 04/80, Va
Bessonet, Baldwin & Howell, forage for Col Moylan 1777
Betkin/Bedkin, Henry, Lt 01/24/77, Adj
Biggs, George, 12/12/78, Fauntleroy, trumpeter, NJ, d. 10/03/79
Binks, Christopher, supply to Col Moylan 04/77, saddle for Capt Craig 05/12/77, 
       for Capt Fauntleroy 03/24, 04/04 and 06/10/77
Binnis, John, 05/09/77, Howard, discharged 06/77
Bird, William, Lt 01/10/77, Capt 08/77, omitted  03/78
Black, Benjamin, 02/17/77,Gray, Dorsey, discharged 02/14/80, Pa
Black, Michael, 04/23/78, Plunket $20 enlistment Bounty 05/17/78, Md, 4th Cavalry 1782
Black, William, Dorsey, d. 09/25/77
Blackford, Jeremiah, supplied oats for Col Moylan 1/77
Blain, Aaron/Alaim, 06/12/78, Heard, NJ
Bland, E, forage for Col Moylan, 07/77
Boarman, Joseph, 11/13/77, Plunket, Cpl, Md
Bodwin, Henry, supplied Plunket's troop w/food 05/20/77 to 06/04/77, discharged 09/77, Pa? 4th Cavalry 1782
Bonham, Moses, 06/05/78, Plunket, NJ, on command
Botland & Galland, supplied Capt Fauntleroy 03/24/77
Botner, Elias, supplied Capt Fauntleroy with saddle 02/05, bridles 03/06, 04/05 carbine buckets, 
        05/04 surcingle, 05/28 bridle, holsters 07/18/77 and accoutrements for Col Moylan, 
        for Capt Craig 05/17/77 
Bowen, James, 02/08/77, Plunket, Md, on command w/Col Moylan, Discharged, 11/30/78
Bowen, Jehu, Cornet, 10/12/78, Plunket, 2nd Lt 4th Maryland Regt; Cornet, 4th Light Dragoons, 
       Continental Troop, wounded in the Battle of Germantown, 4 Oct. 1777.
Bowen, Sabritt, 06/10/77, Cpl, Plunket, Drill Sgt 08/78, Md (see above)
Bowman, Joseph, 11/13/77, Plunket, Cpl 08/78
Boyd, Alexander, 4th Cavalry 1782
Boyer, Conrad, blacksmith boarded horses for Col Moylan
Bradford, Henry, 12/22/77, Gray, drill Sgt, Va
Bradley, Samuel, supplied forage for Col Moylan
Bragg, Benjamin, 04/03/77, Fauntleroy, prisoner 06/05/78, Cpl 03/01/79, discharged 04/03/80, Va
Brewer/Brower, Daniel, 05/11/78, Plunket $20 enlistment Bounty 05/17/78, NJ
Brooks, Mathew, Horse shoes
Broom, Samuel, 06/22/79, Pike
Brown, Abraham, reported deserted 10/06/78
Brown, Archibald, 4th Cavalry 1782
Brown, Grier, supplied Hay
Brown, John, supplied Hay
Brown, Philip, 12/22/77, Heard, Va, on command
Bruce, Robert, 04/16/77, Hopkins, Md, w/ Gen Gates, ommited 10/78
Bryan/Bryant, Charles, 04/80, Hopkins, Cpl, Sgt
Bryant, William, 01/10/78, Heard, omitted 04/78
Bryan, Joseph, supplied forage
Bull, Epaphras, Major, 03/01/80
Burch/Berch, Samuel, 03/12/79, Gray
Burchill/Burchall, John
Bureck, Samuel (possibly Burch above)
Burk, Henry, Gray, d. 07/10/77
Burk, Mitchill, 12/12/77, Gray, Va
Burk, Thomas, 12/22/77, Heard, Va, on command
Burnet, John, Fauntleroy 1/77 recruit
Burney, Thomas, 1777
Burns, Lawrence, 07/78, Heard, omitted 09/09/78, Pa?
Burstill, Catherin
Burwell, John Lee, 04/29/77, Hopkins, NJ, omitted 10/78, Casualty List
Busby/Busbey, Benjamin, farrier, 12/22/77, Fauntleroy, Pa, on furlough 09/23/78 listed 11/26/79
Buttitz, George
Buttonstone/ Bullinstone, Philip. 4th Cavalry 1782
Buttra/Burtry, William, 12/12/77, Howard, Ruxton Moore, Va, on command
Byans, John, Fauntleroy, discharged 09/05/77

Cahoe, James
Mease & Caldwell, supplied Capt Craig 02/03/77, Capt Dorsey 02/01/77
Calender/Kalender, Samuel, 12/12/77, Heard, Cpl, on command 09/24/78, Va
Calver, William, supplied Capt Plunket 03/18/77, discharged 06/08/78
Cammel, Thomas (may be Campbell)
Camp/Kamp, Casper
Campbell, Alexander, Dorsey, Discharged 09/05/77
Campbell, George, paid for boarding Horses at Conrad Boyer
Campbell, Thomas, 4th Cavalry 1782
Carlton, Joseph, paymaster Board of War
Carman/Carmer, Andrew, 4th Cavalry 1782
Carr/Karr, Thomas, 12/12/77, Fauntleroy, Howard, Ruxton Moore, Inf 05/78, Sgt, omitted 09/78 & 11/78, w/Col White in NJ 09/23/78, back ’79, omitted 04/80, Va
Carrell/ Carroll, John, Fauntleroy, Muster 11/78
Carrol, Charles, 04/10/77, Hopkins, d. 04/17/77
Carter, Robert, Plunket, deserted or d. 08/77
Carty, Gilbert, Fauntleroy 1/77 recruit
Casey, John, farrier, 01/30/77, Hopkins, Md, discharged 10/78
Casey, Moris
Cathcart, William, Surgeon 04/01/77, Resigned 05/30/78
Christian, Jacob, 03/12/79, Cpl 04/80
Clark, Francis, Plunket, on command w/Paymaster 09/23/78
Clark, John
Clark, Naylor
Clark,/Clarke, Philip, Cpl, Fauntleroy ’77 recruit, discharged 09/05/77
Cleamons/ Clemond, Alexander, 02/14/77, Gray, Col Moylan’s orderly, discharged 02/14/80, Pa
Clerk, John, 08/29/77, Hopkins, discharged 06/04/78
Clinton, James
Coakley, Robert, 05/23/77, Plunket, Cpl 08/78, Md
Coburn, John, Cornet 01/10/77, Lt
Codington, James, 02/27/77, Hopkins, Discharged 02/28/80, NJ
Cole, David
Cole, John
Colley, Charles, 12/22/77, Heard, Va
Collins, Robert, 04/27/79, Plunket
Cook, Joseph, Fauntleroy, discharged 09/05/77
Cook, Thomas, Fauntleroy 1/77 recruit, discharged 09/05/77
Coon, Christopher/Christian, Fauntleroy ’77 recruit
Cooper, Edward, 02/16/78, Gray, sadler 07/78, discharged 05/21/79, Va
Cosby, Thomas, 12/23/77, Heard, Va, on command 09/24/78
Cottringer, John, supplied Capt Fauntleroy 04/27/77
Coven, John
Craig, Charles, Capt 01/10/77, Hospital 08/23/78
Craig, John, Lt 03/22/77, Dorsey, Capt 12/22/78, Pa
Craig/ Craige, Henry, 02/78, Fauntleroy, Missing 06/30/78
Crawford, Christian
Crawford, Robert, 05/30/77, Howard, taken away 06/30/77
Crider/ Cryder/Kreider, David, 07/10/77, Plunket, trumpeter 03/01/79, Sgt, Pa
Crocker/Croker, Ambrose, 06/02/77, Heard, Sgt, Pa, Discharged 01/05/79
Cruber, Francis, 03/15/80, Hopkins,
Crum/Crumb, William, 06/17/80, Craig
Cunningham, Henry, 04/28/77, Howard, to Inf 07/06/77
Cunningham, Robert
Cunningham, Tames, supplied Capt Fauntleroy 05/03/77
Curry, Robert, 07/22/77, Howard, discharged 09/05/77
Cutter, Ford, 02/02/77, Hopkins, Sgt Major 02/78, omitted 05/79
Cypher/Cyphers, Peter, 04/16/77, Hopkins, omitted 04/80, Md

Dade, Peyton, Cornet (name correction)
Dagan, John, supplied Capt Plunket with food 05/20/77 to 06/04/77, Discharged 09/05/77
Dailey, Daniel, 02/15/77, Dorsey, prisoner 11/01/77, returned 11/01/78, discharged 02/15/80, Pa
Dalton, Moses
Danberry/Danbury, Nicholas, 06/12/78, Heard, NJ
Danberry/Danbury, William, 06/12/78, Heard, NJ
Darling, William, 04/23/77, Heard, discharged 04/23/80, reenlisted
Darragh, Thomas, Capt Craig with sadlery 04/77
Davidson, John, 06/15/77, deserted or d. 08/26/77
Davis, Isaac
Davis, John
Davison, John, supplied accotrements and sadllery for Capt Craig 04/28/77
Degroe, Cezar
Demot, Johannes, supplied forage 06/77
Demon/Demund, Peter, 03/18/78, Plunket $20 enlistment Bounty 05/17/78
Denton, William, 4th Cavalry 1782
Dickey/ Deekey, James
Dickson/Dixson, John, 10/78, Hopkins
Diddy, Jeremiah, 07/01/77, Hopkins,discharged 07/01/80, NJ, 4th Cavalry 1782
Dilion, John, supplied Hay
Dillon, Roger, 1/77, Plunket, discharged 09/05/77
Dilworth, James, 06/02/78, Hopkins, omitted 03/78
Dolton, Moses, 12/22/77, Fauntleroy, Va
Doolittle, Isaac, kept horses for troop
Dorsey, Caleb, 04/19/77, Ruxton Moore,Sgt, Md
Dorsey, John, sold horse to Capt Plunket
Dorsey, Larkin, Cornet, 01/30/77, Hopkins, Resigned 09/0478, Md
Dorsey, Richard, Lt, 01/24/77, Howard, Md
Dorsey, Thomas, Capt 01/10/77, omitted 08/77 
Dotton, Moses, 12/22/77, Cpl 11/78, Sgt 04/01/80
Dowel, James, 12/22/77, Fauntleroy, discharged 09/05/77
Doyle/Doyles, John, 03/14/77, Plunket, to Infantry 07/77
Driskall/Driskill, Timothy, 12/12/77, Howard, Ruxton Moore, Va
Dudley, Robert, 12/22/77, Gray, Dorsey, Va
Duffield, Felix, 4th Cavalry 1782
Dull, Abraham. 10/01/77, Gray, Dorsey, prisoner 01/78, returned 07/78, Cpl 01/79, Sgt 04/80, Pa
Dunn, Jonathan, supplied Hay

Eaton, Michajh, 12/12/77, Howard, Ruxton Moore, Va
Edwards, Charles, 06/05/77, Plunket, prisoner, 02/14/78, exchanged 07/17/78, Md
Ellicot, supplied swords for Capt Plunket, 08/17/78_______
Emmory,  sold horse to Capt Plunket 03/20/77
Ent, William, 4th Cavalry 1782
Enyard, John, 04/27/78, Plunket, deserted or d. 04/11/79, NJ
Estall/Estell, William
Evans, David, supplied oats and accoutrements, 1/77
Ewing, Nat, sold horse to Capt Plunket 02/25/77
Ewing, Samuel, sold horse to Capt Plunket 03/07//77

Fauntleroy, Moore, Capt troop3 01/21/77, POW 09/25/77 Germantown, POW List 03/18/80 on Long Island, exchanged, Major 08/01/79
Fell, E William, Cornet 02/10/77, Dorsey, omitted 03/78
Fenley/Finley, John, 05/26/77, Howard, discharged 06/09/77
Fenley, Patrick, 12/22/77, Fauntleroy, Va
Fields, Charles, 05/16/77, Howard, Ruxton Moore, trumpeter 03/78, reported sick 09/23/78, recd $25 01/13/80, discharged 05/16/80, Md
Fields, Nocholas, 08/79, Hopkins, deserted or d. 09/03/79
Fisher, James, 05/25/77, Howard, taken away by Capt Barry 07/01/77
Fisher, Richard, 02/07/77,Gray, farrier 06/01/79, discharged 02/07/80, Pa
Fling, William, provided painted cloths for Capt Craig 05/15/77, for Capt Fauntleroy 04/21 and 06/10/77
Floyd, Perry, 04/25/77, Howard, omitted 03/78
Forrest, Thomas, 05/11/77, Howard, discharged 06/11/77
Ford, Alexander, 4th Cavalry 1782
Foster, William, 4th Cavalry 1782
Francy/Freaney, James
Freeman, Abram, supplied potatoes to 4LD
Freese, Martin. 4th Cavalry 1782
French, John, Fauntleroy 1/77 recruit
Fry, John, fixed wagon
Funk, Jacob, Cornet 01/10/77, Plunket, Lt
Furlard/ Fortad/Furtad, Anthony, 08/29/77, Hopkins, Cpl 03/78, Sgt 03/06/78, Discharged 08/29/80, Md

Galloway, James, sold horse to Capt Plunket 02/22/77, discharged 01/0178
Galloway, Peter, 1/77, Plunket, Cpl 08/77, trumpeter, QM Sgt 08/78, d. 07/22/80, Md
Gantley, Jeremiah, 05/20/77, Plunket, deserted or d. 04/11/79. Md 
Garner, John, 12/22/77, Dorsey, Va
Gardner, John
Garrigham/Garrishan, James
Garthon, Joseph, 05/08/77, Plunket, omitted 10/79, sick d. 04/80, Md
Garvin, Thomas, 4th Cavalry 1782
Gashmyer/Gasmier/ Gashmire, Peter
Gasper, Peter, Fauntleroy 1/77 recruit
George, Andrew
Gibbons, Isaac
Gibbs, George, 1/77, Dorsey, discharged 09/05/77
Gibson, Matthew, 04/05/77, Hopkins, discharged 09/05/77
Gilbert, William
Gill, Erasmus, Lt 12/15/78, Fauntleroy, Missing 10/03/79, POW List Long Island 08/15/78 and Amboy 03/18/80, Capt Bacons Bridge, SC 05/25/82
Gill, Thomas, 03/11/77, Plunket, deserted or d. 09/04/77
Glasser/Glawser, Michael
Glause, Jacob, provided goods for Capt Fauntleroy troop 04/22/77
Gold, Levi
Goldtrap, John, supplied 4LD
Gorden, John, 07/02/77, Howard, deserted or d. 07/09/77
Grace, Aaron
Grace, George, 03/20/78, Plunket, Pa
Grace, John, 4th Cavalry 1782
Graham/Grayham, Edward, 09/24/77, Gray, prisoner 08/28/77, returned 09/77, discharged 04/23/80, Va
Gramer/Grammer, Jesse, 02/12/79, Heard
Gray, George, Lt, 01/10/77, Fauntleroy, Capt 12/07/77, resigned 12/78, Va
Gray, Lynch, 06/02/77, Plunket, discharged 06/02/79, Md
Green, John
Grimes, Dennis, 05/22/77, Plunket, deserted or d. 08/29/77
Grover, Francis, 04/80, Hopkins,
Guthery, George, Lt, Pa

Hagan/Hagins, Francis, 12/22/77, Dorsey, pension, Va
Hagerman, Derrick, provided oats for 4LD
Haigason, William, Fauntleroy 1/77 recruit
Hailer, John, Fauntleroy 1/77 recruit
Hall, Aquilla, sold horse to Capt Plunket 03/27/77
Hallett, Jonas/John, Lt 10/01/79, Craig,South 08/07/83
Hales, John, provided stables and food 05/31/7, Philadelphia
Hamilton, John, 03/01/79, Plunket, deserted or d. 07/01/79
Hamarly, Peter, 1/77, Dorsey, Cpl, deserted or d. 12/20/77
Hancock, I, supplied Capt Plunket troop 01/28/77, Capt Howard 01/27/77
Hand, Thomas, Fauntleroy 1/77 recruit
Hanks, John, supplied canteens for 4LD Capt Craig 05/03/77
Hannah, Robert, 12/22/77, Gray, Va
Hanson, Henry, 04/18/77, Hopkins, deserted or d. 07/77
Harden, Thomas, 06/26/77, Hopkins, prisoner 09/23/77, returned 11/77, omitted 03/78
Harley, Joshua, 0412/77, Howard, Ruxton Moore, discharged 04/26/80,  Md
Harries/Harris, John, 12/22/77, Heard, Cpl 09/78, Va
Harrison, Cornelius, 02/01/77, Hopkins, Sgt, Discharged 02/01/80, NJ
Harrison, John, Fauntleroy 1/77 recruit
Heard, John, Lt 01/27/77, Hopkins, Capt 02/08/78, at West Point 08/09/80, NJ
Hemmingway, Samuel, supplied forage for 4LD
Henderson, John, Cornet 01/27/77, Howard, QM 07/78, temp duty 09/77 
Henderson, William, Paymaster 02/27/77, Resigned 05/31/80
Heard/Herd, Bennet, 04/09/77, Hopkins, prisoner 09/23/77, returned 11/77, Md
Hewitt, Caleb, 06/14/78, Plunket, Cpl 03/78, Sgt 06/01/79, Md
Haywood/Heywood, Benjamin Lt, 4th Cont Inf
Hide, John. 06/03/78, Dorsey, sick in NJ 09/24/78, deserted or d. 11/78, NJ
Higgons, Peter, ’77, Dorsey, deserted or  d.09/10/77
Highland/Highlands, William, 12/12/77, Gray, Va
Hilbert, John, trumpeter, muster 03/15/80
Hilburn, John, 03/15/80, Hopkins
Hillegas, Michael, Major Washington 05/32/77
Hill, John, 05/01/77, Howard, Ruxton Moore, recd $30 01/13/80, discharged 05/01/80, Md
Hiltzimer, Jacob, boarding 4LD horses
Hogan, Thomassay Francis
Hogan, Thomas/Francis
Holland, Jacob, 05/18/77, Howard, Ruxton Moore, Cpl, discharged 05/17/80, Md
Holland, Joseph, 05/01/78, Howard, sick 09/23/78, discharged 05/01/80, Md
Holt, Thomas, 05/25/77, Hopkins, omitted 08/04/77
Holts/Holtz, John, 12/12/77, Gray, Muster 07/79, Va
Honey, John, 05/01/77, Howard, deserted or d. 12/15/77
Hoofnagle, George, 4th Cavalry 1782
Hoogland/Hogland/Hoagland, William, 04/19/77, Plunket, NJ
Hopkins, David, Capt 5th troop 01/21/77, sick 09/14/78, Bedford 11/26/79, Major 1LD
Hopkins, James
Hopkins, William, 02/05/77, Plunket, Md
Houser, Stophel, 4th Cavalry 1782
Housley/Ously/Ousley, Jesse, 12/12/77,Fauntleroy, Va
Hovan, Andrew, Fauntleroy 1/77 recruit
Howard, Vatchel D, Capt 6th troop 01/27/77, d. 03/15/78
Hubbard, Eppa,12/23/77, Howard, Ruxton Moore, Sgt 04/80, Va, on command 09/23/78
Hulbert, Thomas, shoeing horses for 4LD 1/77
Humphreys/Humphrys, John, 12/12/77, Heard, on command 09/24/78, Va
Humphreys/Humphrys, Richard, provided forage 1/77
Hyner/Hynder, Joseph, 04/11/79

Impson, Henry
Isbell, Henry, 12/23/77, Plunket, deserted or d. 04/11/79, Va

Jacob, oats for 4LD 1/77
Jacob, K, QM?, Dorsey, discharged 06/25/77
Jamison, Francis, waggoner
Javatt/Javitt, Henry, 02/17/77, Gray, w/Col White 09/24/78, discharged 02/15/80, Pa
Jinkes, J, supplied oats for 4LD 1/77
Johns, Richard, Capt Plunket purchased Horse 02/01/77
Johnson/ Johnston, George, 12/23/77, Hopkins, prisoner 08/79, returned 10/79, Va
Johnson, John, 03/16/78, Gray, NJ
Johnson, S W, forage for 4 LD ‘77
Johnson, William, 12/23/77, Howard, Ruxton Moore, Cpl 04/80, Va
Jones, Godfrey, 12/23/77, Hopkins, muster 09/14/78, paid L63/10 12/1583, Va
Jones, John, paid $50.75 01/18/81
Joyce, Charles

K____, Jacob, 12/23/77, Dorsey, discharged 06/25/77 on casualty list

Kahoe/Kahow, James, 12/23/77, Howard, Ruxton Moore, inf 05/78, muster 09/23/78, omit 09/78, paid $20 11/26/79 Bedford, Va on Casualty List

Kalender/ Kallenger, Corporal, Heard's Co see Callender on Casualty List

Keener, Christian, sold horse to Capt Plunket 02/27/77

Keener, John, Sgt, Plunkett, QM 03/78, Omit 09/78

Kelley, Thomas, 12/22/77, Fauntleroy, on casualty list

Kelly, Phillip, 04/10/77, Howard, omit 06/79; Ruxton Moore, 78

Kendal, Stephen, Fauntleroy

Kennedy, John

Key/Keys, Price (see main list), Fauntleroy ’77 recruit

Keyser, George

Kimball, James

Kincaid/Kencade, Andrew

Kindle, Clayton, 06/12/78 on Casualty List

King, John, 04/23/77, Dorsey's, Trumpeter 08/77, Discharged 04/23/80, Casualty

King, John, 05/23/79, Plunkett's on Casualty List

King, William, QM, Plunket, John Ord, JP Penna Documenr, 1778

Kinghorn, James, Fauntleroy

Kline, Jacob, Penna German Regt

Knott, George Wilmott, 05/07/77, Howards, Farrier, discharged 05/06/80, casualty, Ruxton Moore 1778

Kuhn, Christian, See Coon, on Casualty List

Kuhn, Ludwig

Lamb, Joseph, 05/08/77, Dorsey, deserted 09/25/77, Casualty List

Laidly, Lewis

Lancaster, Samuel

Lane, Isaac

Lanfitt/Langfit, Philip

Langfitt, Francis

Langster, Sammuel

Langston, Samuel, 08/77, Hopkins, Discharged 08/80 Casualty List

Langford, Francis, 04/01/78, Gray, Corporal '79, discharged 05/01/80, Casualty

Lankford, Philip, 12/23/77, Heard, Casualty List

Larkins, James, endorsement by Major Fauntleroy Casualty List

James Larkins enlisted 25 April 1777 at Manockase in Frederick County, Maryland. Sgt in Capt. David Hopkins troop. Was in battle of Germantown, Brandywine, and Monmouth. He was detached to Capt. John Heard's troop at siege of York and transferred to Capt. Erasmus Gill's troop in S. Carolina. He was severely wounded in thigh while on the lines at Becon's  Bridge, South Carolina, and received a conditional discharge at Lancaster, PA on Sept 22, 1782 signed by Jonah Hallett. He continued service till 9 March 1783.

Awarded Pennsylvania Bounty Land Warrant #9837.

Lawrence, Elisha

Lawson, Caleb, 07/78, Plunket, Corporal 01/01/79, Casualty List

Laxham, John, Fauntleroy ’77 recruit

Leegore, John, 03/25/79, Plunket, Casualty List

Legar, John

Lemont, William

Lester, William, 04/28/77, Hopkins, Deserted 09/25/77, Casualty List

Lacley, James, 05/08/77, Howard, deserted 07/24/77

Letnery/Letnuy, John, Fauntleroy ’77 recruit

Lewis, Charles,05/01/80, Heard, Casualty List

Lewis, Edward

Light, John, 04/08/78, Plunket, Corporal 01/01/79, discharged 03/06/80

Lippincut, Stephen, 06/12/78, Fauntleroy, NJ, present on 09/13/78, Casualty List

Littig, Philip

Little/Litle, Thomas, 12/22/77, endorsement by Major Fauntleroy, Casualty List

Landye/Londye, John, 10/77, Corporal, Plunket, deserted 09/16/77

Longfish, Philip

Loque, Patrick, 05/08/77, Dorsey, deserted 07/10/77, Casualty List

Lott, Jeremiah, 03/18/78, Heard, Trumpeter 06/79, Casualty List

Loveturner, John

Loxley, James

Lucas, Richard, 07/1078, Corporal 10/78, Sgt 03/80, Casualty List

Lynn, John, 4th Cavalry 1782

Lynn, Michael  

Lyons, Michael

Lytle, Thomas,  Fourth Cavalry 1782


Maddin, Thomas, Ruxton Moore 1778

Maddis, John

Maffett, Robert

Magee, John

Malone, Charles, Casualty List, Muster 1778

Manifold, Peter, Lt, Casualty List

Mauyfold, P (probably Manifold)

Manning, Isaac

Manning, Phinehas

Manning, Thomas

Marsteller, Phillip Col, QM Lancaster, Pa, provide forage for 4LD, Letter 11/12/80

Martin, Abraham

Martin, John

Maskell, Lawrence, Drill Sgt, Gill

Matherly, Israel

McCabe, John

McCalla, John

McCann, Hugh

McCarter, Daniel

McCartie, Dennis

McCarty, Dennis

McCarty, William

McCauly/Macauly, Zachariah, Ruxton Moore 1778

McCawley, H Thomas

McClain, Daniel, Fauntleroy ’77 recruit

McClean, Charles

McCloud, John

McConnold, Patt, 02/17/77,Gray, Pa, Present 09/14/78

McColy, John

McCoy, John

McConnell, Charles

McCrea, Gilbert, 06/17/78, trumpeter, Fauntleroy, NJ, Present on Roll 09/13/78

McCulley, Thomas

McDonald, Patrick

McDowel, James, Fauntleroy ’77 recruit

McFarland, _____

McFarling, John

McGannon, Darby, See Megannon, Fauntleroy ’77 recruit

McGoun, William

McHenry, Edward

McHenry, John

McIntire, William

McKanless, John, 12/12/77, Fauntleroy, Farrier, Va, Present on Roll 09/13/78


McKenny, James

McKinsey, John

McKinley, John

McLain, Charles

McLure, Charles

McMahon, Peter

McNair, Robert

McNiel, William

McQuaid, John

Mease, James

Megannon, Darbey, 04/23/77, Fauntleroy, Va, Present on Roll 09/13/78

Melahon, Thomas

Merrideth, Thomas

Mills, William

Minot, Ephraim

Mohoney, Daniel

Monks, Michael

Mollehon, Thomas, 12/22/77, Fauntleroy, Va, Present 09/13/78 Roll

Montgomery, John

Moody, Benjamin, 04/07/77, Gray, Pa, Present 09/14/78

Moore, John, Fauntleroy ’77 recruit

Moore, Nicholas Ruxton, Lt, Capt

Morgan, Roger

Morris, Benjamin

Morris, John

Mortimer, Robert, 04/23/77, Cpl, Gray, Pa, Present 09/14/78

Moylan/moyland/Milein, Stephen, Col

Mullin, John

Murphy, John, Ruxton Moore 1778

Murry, Thomas, 04/16/77, Gray, Pa, Present 09/14/78

Musgrove, Samuel, Casualty List

Myer, John

Naffet, Robert
Nagle, Henry
Neely, David
Nelson, Henry
Newby, John
Newit, Caleb
Newman, John
Newsom, Crawford
Newsom, James
Newsum, Crawford
Nichols, Isaac
Nichols, Hugh
Nixon, John
Nixon, Thomas

Noal, Lambert
Noglan, William
Norton, James
Norton, William
Nutter, Henry

Oldwin, Barney
Oldwine, Bernard
Oldwine, Charles
O Neill, Bernard
Organ, Cornelius
Overton, Thomas, Lt, Capt, Va

Palfray, _______
Paca, Aquilla
Parre, James
Patterson, John
Patten, Mathew
Patton, James
Peirce, Thomas
Pelkington, Thomas
Perine, Nicholas
Perkin, William
Perkins, William
Perrein, William
Perry, Eli
Perry, Thomas
Petitt, Nathaniel
Pettet, Nathaniel
Peyton, Dade, Cornet-Name reversed in list, corrected above and in officer list
Philips, ________
Philips, George
Philpot, John
Phrisby, ________
Pike, Robert
Pike, Zebulon
Pitt, Richard
Plunket, Thomas
Plunkett, David, Capt
Polk, Jehosaphat
Pooley, Richard
Porter, George
Prince, David
Prine, William
Proctor, Francis

Quaile, Henry
Quails, John
Quale, John
Quarrel, James

Randolph, John
Rannols, Thomas
Reiad, John
Renshaw, Bennett
Reynolds, Titus
Rhone, Daniel
Riblet, Peter
Richadson, Robert
Richei/Ritchy/Ritchy, John reported deserted 10/06/78
Rickey, Israel
Rigby, Edmund
Roberts, Thomas, Plunket $20 enlistment Bounty 05/17/78
Robertson, James
Roberts, Joseph
Robins, John
Robinson, George
Robinson, James
Rogers, John
Roseboom, John
Ross, Robert
Row, Thomas
Ryan, Michael

Satwell/Setwell, Solomon, 07/17/80, Craig
Schroff/ Shrove, Adam
Scott, John, 09/01/77, Howard, Ruxton Moore, prisoner 01/04/78, returned 03/78, Md
Seamore, John, Fauntleroy ’77 recruit
Searls, Reubin, 06/03/78, Gray, Dorsey, NJ
Shambs, Valentine, supplied 4LD
Shannon, David, 08/23/77, Howard, Ruxton Moore, on command w/Moylan 09/23/78, trumpeter 11/78, Pvt 06/79, trumpeter 10/79, Pa
Shaw, Alexander, 04/29/77, Howard, discharged 09/05/77
Shaw, James, 04/09/77, Dorsey, Sgt 04/78, QMSgt 01/79, omitted 04/80, Pa
Sheets/Sheetz/ Shietz, Casper
Shell, Adam, 04/06/77, Heard, discharged 04/80, Pa
Shepherd/ Sheppard, Robert, 02/22/78, Fauntleroy, tending to sick 09/23/78, Sgt, NJ
Shepherd/Shepphards, William, Supplied forage to 4LD 12/21/77 to 03/06/77, Providence Township, NJ
Shields,/Sheals/Shiels, James, 08/12/78, Gray, prisoner 11/79, returned 04/80, paid L30 06/09/83, paid L80/14s9p 12/20/83,Va
Shipley, Tolbert, sold Horse to Capt Plunket 03/07/77
Shipttz, John, supplied forage to 4LD 1/77
Shoemaker, Peter
Sight/Sights/Seitz, Jacob, 05/11/78, Plunket, muster 09/23/78, reported deserted 10/06/78, NJ
Simpson, Reason/Rezin, 03/15/77, Howard, Ruxton Moore, muster Cpl 09/23/78, Sgt 11/80, discharged 03/15/80, Md
Sinclair, William, sold horse to Capt Plunket 03/27/77
Singleton, John, 02/24/79, Heard, paid L35 02/24/79
Sladijen/Sladyen/ Sladyon, Daniel, 12/22/77, Dorsey, Gray, muster Cpl 09/24/78, paid L98 08/01/83, Va
Smiht, Hezekiah, Chaplain
Smith, Daniel, 01/20/78, Plunket, $20 enlistment Bounty 05/17/78, muster 09/23/78, Md
Smith, Francis, sold leather breeches to Capt Plunket 05/17/78
Smith, George, 03/17/77, Plunket, d. 06/15/77
Smith, Job, sold horse to Capt Plunket 02/08/77
Smith, John, sold horse to Capt Plunket 02/19/77
Smith, John, 01/22/77, Hopkins, muster 09/14/78, Cpl 08/78, Omitted 04/80, Md
Smith, Larkin Cornet, Lt, Capt
Smith, Philip, Dorsey, discharged 09/05/77
Snowden, Joseph, 02/08/77, Hopkins, prisoner 09/23/77, discharged 02/07/80
Sorrel, John, 09/15/80, Hopkins
Southmayd, Daniel
Spicket, Daniel, trumpeter, 04/12/77, Ruxton Moore
Spricket, Daniel, Howard, discharged 04/12/80
Speeder, Jacob, trumpeter, 04/28/77, Hopkins
Spider, Jacob
Spiegel, Lawrence or Lorentz, 4th Cavalry 1782
Spooler, Jacob, 04/28/77, Hopkins
Sprackett, Thomas, trumpeter, 04/12/78, Plunket
Sprackett, William?
Spricket, Hosea, 05/20/77, Howard, d. 07/24/77
Staats, Peter
Steel, Francis
Sterling, James, 07/78, omitted 09/78
Stevenson, William
Stone, Leonard, Sgt, Dorsey, Deserted 09/25/77
Stout, David, 06/03/78, Plunket
Straane, John
Strong, John, 12/23/77, Howard
Strawn, John, 12/23/77, Ruxton Moore
Sullivan, John Lt
Summers, Peter
Suttle, Stroder, 12/24/77, Heard, Sgt 06/79
Sutton, John, trumpeter, 09/78
Suttern, John
Swan, Joshua, 05/16/77, Plunket
Sweney, Terrence, 05/27/77, Howard, discharged 09/05/77
Sypher, Peter, Sgt,

Taylor, John, 05/09/78, Hopkins, cpl 04/01/80
Taylor, John, 08/29/77, Hopkins, omitted 04/80
Taylor, McDanniel, 04/78
Taylor, William, 05/27/77, Craig, discharged 01/21/80
Temple, Benjamin LtCol
Thackum, Thomas
Thomas, Andrew__/__/77, Plunket, deserted 08/29/77
Thomas, Edward, 06/12/78, Fauntleroy,
Thomas, Edwin
Thomas, James, 06/14/77, Plunket
Thomas, John
Thomas, Sollomon, 09/01/77, cpl 07/78, Ruxton Moore
Thompson, Ebenezar
Thompson, Joseph
Thompson, William, promoted Riding Master 06/15/78
Thorn, Isaac
Till, John
Tomlin, William
Tomblin, William, 12/23/77, Howard, Cpl - Moorl, QM Sgt 04/80
Toppin, John, ‘77, Fauntleroy
Townsand/Townsen, Elwell, 12/23/77, Howard, Ruxton Moore, cpl 04/80
Trant/Trent, Lawrence, Lt 10/01/77 Craig, QM, Capt
Treaney, James
Trott, Richard, 04/29/77, Hopkins, deserted 07/77
Tubbs, Stephen, 05/01/80, Fauntleroy
Turner, Francis, 12/22/77, Gray, Dorsey, discharged 02/29/80
Turner, John
Turner, Patrick, Craig, Hospital 08/23/78

Van Allen, John
Vandike, Henry
Vaux, James
Veight, Isaac, 02/14/77, Hopkins, Cpl, Prisoner 12/17/79, Muster 07/78, Sgt 10/78, discharged 02/14/80 
Veightee, Isaac

Wade, William, Hazen's Regt? Mistake NARA card, not a dragoon

Ward, Jesse, 12/23/77, Heard, discharged 01/23/80
Washington, William, Major, LtCol 3LD
Watson, James, 07/21/78, Heard, reported deserted 12/23/78
Watson, Thomas W, 4th Cavalry 1782
Watts, Francis
Weadle/Waidle/Widell, Christian
Weare/Weir, Andrew
Welber, Auguston, Fauntleroy
Welsh, Patrick
Wescot, John
Whelan, Daniel
White, Anthony Walton, LtCol 02/15/77, 1LD 12/10/79
White, John, Fauntleroy,
Whitehurst, John, 04/07/77, Fauntleroy, discharged 04/29/79 
White, Joseph, 09/15/77, Fauntleroy, Cpl 03/01/80
White, William, Fauntleroy
Whitehouse, John, Fauntleroy
Whiteing/Whiting/Whiten, William, 04/03/77, Fauntleroy, discharged 04/03/80
Wicoff/Wycoff/Wycoft, Cornelius, 0612/78, Heard
Wilcox, Edward
Wilcox, James, 06/12/77, Howard, Exchanged 06/18/77
Wild, Edward, Fauntleroy
Wilkinson, William
Williams, Henry, 12/23/77, Hopkins, discharged 09/15/80
Williams, Peirson, 12/12/77, Heard
Williams, Renol
Williamson, Samuel, Chaplain 05/01/78, omitted 95/79
Willis, Henry, Cornet, Lt 12/22/78
Willmothnot/Witmoknas, George
Willson, Gabriel, 04/17/77, Plunket, d. 06/27/77
Wilson, Thomas, Sgt
Winans, William
Wingate, Martin, 12/12/77, Plunket, on command
Wood, John, 04/09/77, Hopkins, Omitted (to Pulaski) 10/78

Yard, Archibald, 06/10/78, Heard, Omitted 07/78, Casualty List

Yarnal, Peter, Surgeons Mate 05/22/77, Discharged 09/77, Casualty List

Young, John, 05/01/79, Fauntleroy, Casualty List

Young, Joseph, 03/14/77, Plunket, 4th Cavalry 1782, Casualty List, 4th Cavalry 1782

Yule, James, Cornet, Hopkins


Zabourne, David, Dorsey, Discharged 09/05/77, Casualty List

Zeamerman/Zimmerman, William, 03/27/77, Fauntleroy, Cpl, Drill Sgt 02/78, Present on Roll 09/13/78, Omitted 04/79, Casualty List

Zell, John

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